Verified Stripboard Layouts!

I changed my post here in the thread, the pictures are now clearly labeled “UNVERIFIED” and I also posted them again in the new unverified thread that @willow2x created


A VCLFO tested today :slightly_smiling_face:


Joystick schematic and CV Wheel schematic come from Niklas Rönnberg

I change 100K to 150K on range pots to have +&- 9V out max (before i have 11,80V)
I add a trimpot on the wheel schem for best octave adjust.

Not a complex board but a lot of spaghetti :grinning:

EDIT of the Layout


I’d encourage adding a BOM to these layouts.


My Bounce Bounce … version tested !
I just add a pot Glide circuit but not in this layout.



Are these pots from the front or the back? I’m just getting a lot of noise.

i think it’s from Front, because generaly to decrease = more signal to GND = GND on the pin 1 of potentiometers
(here it’s 1 and 2 if i look at the other stripboard down, the Cusi one)

Damn, that’s what I had. Doesn’t explain the all the noise. LED lights up as expected, but the buzzing is crazy. Is there a ground wire needed somewhere that isn’t labeled, maybe?

To be sure you speak about the Hit noise percussive module ?

Yes, the first one, using hi-hat cap values.

I think they’re from the back. On the layout of Cusi Sound, definitely from the back.
You can find it exactly in the corresponding videos, or the video descriptions, I think the schematics are definitely there too.


Are you sure ?
look on the original schematic it’s pin 1 & 2 to GND on the pot.

like i said to decrease a signal with pot, turn to left so to GND

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No, I’m not sure, but now we have the solution with the schematic :slight_smile:

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In any case getting it the wrong way around won’t make the circuit not work, it’ll just make the pot work backwards.

@BlackDeath, what problem are you having? Noise, but it’s supposed to be noise. Can you post a recording? Photo of your board? Maybe discuss over here Easy noise drum so this topic can be clear for presenting stripboards.


I got it working! A little noisy, but that’s okay. The issue was my stupid "2n3904"s that were actually 557s… just switched them around and it works!

My first stripboard module! Yay!

Thirty second beat:


Good to hear that it wokrs now, the sound example is great !


I’m liking the white noise it makes, I could use that to layer on top of a drone, does anybody know enough about the circuit to suggest where to hack in an output before the envelope stage?

If you’re looking for a noise source, have you seen this?


Hey great job !! Have you mod the monotron duo ?? I want to mod myself for eurorack but I dont find a lot of documentation. Thank you !

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