My build progress

thanks Dud , it looks like an interesting project , not like I don’t have a million others to finish .


a pair of Barton Musical Circuits wave shapers , BMC 033


Nice, I did one also on stripboard and it’s a really interesting module.


Here’s mine


Got Duber workin :slight_smile:
a dual resonant state variable filter.

Sweep tests

LabRolz Ping test.

ROOLZR click pop ping :smiley:
Circuit it is based on

^ an old ciat-lonbarde Duber - before he got famous :stuck_out_tongue:


Today, CV Joystick/Wheel in the case !

A mix with 2 schematics (joystick and wheel)

On one joystick i keep the spring inside to use more like a wheel.

All axes have Offset and Range pot
Wheel have a switch fore 1 oct or 5 oct (positive or negative)

it was long for me to calibrate it, but that’s it, really fun :slight_smile:

A video which after having listened to it again with a little atmosphere of K2000 :racing_car: :wink:

Schematics and my verified stripboard here


I’d be curious to know what your experiences are when applying it on different input wave shapes.

With a wet/dry pot, an AC and a DC out, here is mine:


the shaper ? have not had a chance to plug in yet .

Another dual VCA

Well the sound is rotten with my camera (unwanted white noise :slight_smile: as usual) but here’s a patch with this new VCA and also i make a test with 3 VCOs to make a minor chord, a first, it’s cool.
This chord inspired me a little hip hop at the beginning and I doubled the chord for skanks and an ending rather dub (…dub dub dub …with delaly :slight_smile: )


luv the didgeridoo sound .


Man… it’s time. This is an intervention. You gotta put down the soldering iron and lay down a track. I want to hear what you can do with all of those bits working in harmony!!!

What kind of music do you like? Are you a French house guy, German Dub Techno, or UK Dubstep? I’d love to hear a 140 dub stepper made on that thing!


Here’s a playlist:

(via @Dud’s many posts in the music share thread)


Thank you @fredrik , yes with my modular there is this playlist which starts without an external controller and which evolves with the cases which are added. But I didn’t know anything about modular 3 years ago.

I was doing a little electro with a friend ( Lobotomix : and there were also videos in this forum ) but no knowledge of the style. Since then I have been interested and analyzing patch …
Guitarist at the base, I really like a lot of different music, punk, blues, metal, reggea, dub, traditional … but I don’t really listen to electro.


I had an idea for a module and I prototyped it in VCV Rack. It’s a gravity-simulating portamento/glide, so the glide will overshoot the target and then oscillate around the target note until it stabilizes, like an asteroid orbiting a planet.

The effect is actually pretty cool, but I need to fine tune the knobs, it’s way too sensitive.

I was hoping to make this available as an module-app for my “Kosmoduino” project, but that project is on hold for now as I’ve had too many KiCad-induced rage quits.


This sounds really really nice ! Have I ever asked you about the schematic for the VCA? I also need some that close properly and that are not built with unusual ICs.


Click through to youtube and click the link there and you end up at

which tells me it’s Niklas Rönnberg’s version of the ASM-1 VCA that uses the obsolete CA3080, so you could probably use half an LM13700, or get the Rochester version (I think Thonk has it), or the Alfa AS3080.

EDIT 1: LM13700 is perhaps not a great option here, since the circuit manipulates the 3080 supply voltage. You’d have to tweak the Iabc source a bit. EDIT 3: See here.

EDIT 2: Earlier thread about this VCA: Simple but good dual vca, which also discusses 3080 sources.


I took the day off, so while everyone’s out of the house I scuttled down to my secret underground laboratory to work on my VCF:



Here’s the VCA I made:


Cool, is this an original design?

I’d like to try the Mauritz Klein version, but I guess I need to shell out for the Patreon because I haven’t found the diagram yet.

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