1153 bounce bounce bounce bounce bounce bounce bounce bounce

Many many thanks indeed!

That makes sense.

There are some resistors on the socket-board - just wondering if they need to be taken into account.

aaaah damn!!! happens from time to time! indeed with a squeeze they can be put in backwards with the symbol for the jacks on the back, if you manage to not get it clean off let me know if im in a posting kind of day I will post one a spare jack board to you. just message me your address however if you manage to fix it it’ll be all good! but do give it a go first! but if it gets to the point it isn’t working just let me know
good luck


Oh right.

They’re now connected to your sleeve terminals, which when you plug in the cable will connect to ground, so they won’t do you any good. So you’ll have to add new resistors in series. I’d just solder them to the tip terminals and then wire from there to the main board.

And they have different values:



Thank you all!

I’ve been beavering away a this… but so far without result - I’ll keep perservering!

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You can in theory get by without the 1k output resistors, they’re just making the outputs more robust but the circuit will work without them, but if you leave out the 10k you risk frying the trigger transistor, and without the 200k resistors the CV inputs won’t work. So as @analogoutput said, solder one end to the tip and one to the wire, and you’re all set.


https://youtu.be/aSo_F8KlV5c No idea if this should be happening or not but it doesn’t seem right. Anyone know whats going on??

I don’t think it should sound like this

check the soldering on the rate potentiometer. it sounds like its at max speed all the time. so double check the leg of the rate potentiometer going to ground, As if this is not making a connection it will be on max all of the time :slight_smile:

also to add are you directly listening to the output of the bounce module>? or is that modulating something like an oscillator?


Just to be sure, it’s a envelope generator kind of module, and don’t make sound itself, you need some others module to use it

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I had a similar issue with a solder bridge on a pot.

Hey, I just built this module, if i trigger manually with the button it works, if i put a gate on it from my vclfo i have +5 Volts on the jack board but on the mainboard it is only 0.50V.

The module also does not trigger from a gate and i guess the trigger voltage should be higher on the mainboard, i doe not see any bad solder joints or bridges, also no magic smoke.

i have directly soldered 2 wires from the mainboard to the jackboard, but still if i trigger with my lfo the voltage reads max of + 0.50 volts.

I have ZERO Volts at the trigger input…

I Have +0.50 Volts at the middle pin of the 2n3904, But nothing comes out

Anybody have any idea where to look for component wise for a problem or something because i cant seem to get it figured out…

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have you checked the continuity between the jack board and main board?? each of the pins for instance??? maybe there is a connection not being made on the pcb headers???

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Yes it was, but now i smoked something. made some shorts while fussing i guess, i will come back to this one later. i’m frustrated now haha.

Will have to check it with a clear mind in the near future! i will get there!


hello again my friends

this module was next up and of course it doesnt work

thought i had passed the smoke test but i just noticed FB1 is burnt to fuck

whats the next step, does that mean i have a short on my board?

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if thats burnt I mean this is likely not it but are the opamps the right way round? that sometimes does that. or the power is backwards? maybe a backwards made power connector??? or yeah an unlucky short

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ok yep, found a short between two pins on a TL074

i swapped out to new chips and it seems to work, going by the led turning on when i flip the switch

but before i could test anything else i noticed the top LED getting dimmer and then i burnt my finger on U5, the 78L05

it got VERY hot, very quickly

ermm maybe take the chips out see if it gets hot. chance is maybe that short broke something else. heaven forbid could be the electric druid chip. did that get hot?


i was thinking what the fuck is he on about, electric druid chip. This module has 2 TL072’s . . . . . right?

found the chip on my desk and put it in and it works!


ahaaa!!! that’ll do it haha. nice.

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I did this with my ADSR. Good thing those TL07x’s took the bullet.


Mine with a little Glide add :slight_smile:

a short demo with the Bounce on a CV Filter (and a little arpegio with my new toy :wink: )

and a verified stripboard here (with no glide circuit)

glide add - sound bender