Verified Stripboard Layouts!

maybe this can help you :wink:

it’s like the monotron delay , all solder point are write on the PCB, “CV in”, “Gate” …

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Nice !! I have already managed to control the cv so I am looking for new information. Thank you for the links and for your help !!

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Im love so much this passive module ! (the leech)

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This guy is calling it the MONOLIT, he’s made a whole page about it and his build, so I think that counts as verified: MONOLIT

Modified version of the LMNC VCO with extra features.


He’s got a cute little amplifier too, I’ll keep an eye on this guy. TL072


Do you know how many volts it takes to fire this? I send 5v at it and just get hum. I can control the pitch of the hum with the pitch knob… Gahhh, I wanted this one to work so badly!

EDIT: Humming less now, I can trigger the kick, but only by pressing my finger to a spot on the wire that I found works!
EDIT2: Just to show that sound can be made, here’s a lil’ beat. But how can I make it trigger without hitting it with my finger?

The input section here produces a pulse whose height depends not only on the height of the trigger but its width and its rise time. If the trigger is very narrow the resulting pulse will be smaller. The time constant from the 100k resistor and 100 nF capacitor is 10 ms so the trigger might need to be several tens of ms wide. Maybe a 10 nF cap would work better for you.

A comparator based input section might be more forgiving.

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Ahhhh, okay! That might explain it, I’ve been using just a little gate button I made to send voltage to it, I guess that’s way too long. Is this the purpose of that “gate to trigger” module I’ve seen here?

I wouldn’t think too long is a problem, only too short. Maybe there’s something further on in the circuit that doesn’t like long triggers. But I don’t think so, I think it only pays attention to the rising edge.

What’s your button circuit? You want it to send something like +5V when you press it and connect to ground when you release it.

It’s a +12v that goes into a little DC-step down chip I got, the 5V from that goes to a physical button, which then goes to a jack socket. The jack socket is grounded. So I’m guessing when I take my finger off the button, it goes to ground? Or… nothing?

If you can hear the hum and can pitch it, then you hear the bass decay for a long time, it would just take a shorter trigger to have the dry impact of a drum module.

I don’t think, it will be just cut but not connected to GND, for that you need a push switch with 3 connections

You can use a pull down resistor to ground.


Ah yes of course ! sorry :slight_smile:

Ohh, okay! So do I put a 10K to ground on the output pin of the button? EDIT: Actually probably the input pin?

EDITEDIT: It works!!! I added a 1M resistor between tip and sleeve on the output jack of my button circuit and now it works! Yes! This kick rocks!


Simple Mixer/Multiple


Truly a joy to see every new post in this thread.


Maybe add some bypass cap (100nf) on ICs.


Very nice ! Could you please write the “verified” directly in the picture. If you google it, you only get the picture, but you don’t know if it works.


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There you go @THOGRE

  • some pics of the finished module (eurorack)


Original Schematic:

My build:

Here in the b***inger rack

  • I also added attenuators in my actual build but they come in half way and they doesnt give you any new sounds so ive omitted them for the layout.

  • Ive updated the layout