1153 bounce bounce bounce bounce bounce bounce bounce bounce

@lookmumnocomputer another question about the pot pin, before i solder them :slightly_smiling_face:
Is it normal that on all potentiometers the GND is on pin 3 ? or a mistake ? it seems strange to me.
bounce bounce bounce ....

I think the explanation is related to this :
A lot of Electric Druids ICs take “inverted” CVs (some have a pin to choose between “direct” and “inverted” CVs).
This is in fact clever, because the CV inputs almost always use an inverting OpAmp mixer, so with the “inverted” CVs you don’t need a second inverting OpAmp to get them right again.

But, after verification, the #1153 HAS two inverting OpAmps on the inputs… perplexed…

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yes i remember, like with the VCLFO.
and i just saw in the Electric Druid schem the pins pot numbers are the same (3 to GND and 1 to +5).

on the Electric D. schem, the simple One shot have no opamp at all, so Sam’s schem with the 2 inverted opamp seems more logical now.

the one shot does not have inverted inputs like the VCLFO

I did it this way to reduce components, ie a negative voltage regulator etc.

I did actually design it initially the other way but the knobs felt backwards and counter intuitive.

the reason the one shot doesn’t do his trick of inverted inputs (which is actually reversible on most of his designs with a reverse pin) is because the one shot was designed for an effects pedal not for modular synths, so control voltages and inverted power supplies etc aren’t as common

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I finished and tested it and all work fine !
after a little adventure :slight_smile:
only the pot pin who’s reversed, for the Wave Form and Delay i keep it like that but change the others to increase to the right.

here’s my stripboard layout verified

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ill do a vid today focussing more on the bounce module! managed to get some good sounds and synth voices using it so ill make sure to do more vids describing these thingies!


I add a GLIDE pot /circuit after, so i made like for add the Positivizer on the Quantizer, with a backside opamp stick on the circuit :slightly_smiling_face:

it’s the famous “Double decker chip:wink:


That would be cool!!


You can hardly tell it’s stacked from that angle.

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aha nice! I initially added a glide to the module but I didn’t get the response I was hoping is it doing cool stuff for you???

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Yes I did a quick test with the module and the Glide was effective.

I use this schem just before the Output jack


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sorry I meant more a useful effect on the module. I put a glide not too dissimilar on it to give more of an average slide down however it didn’t really give me the effect that I wanted so I didnt put it on the module in the end. but I meant more, are you happy with the outcome of the glide on this module in particular?

yes happy with it ! but it’ not a down glide fx it’s only a up glide :slight_smile:

Passed the smoke test, but the D6 LED stays on when I have power applied. When I flip the momentary either way it gets just ever so slightly brighter.

Some of the control board pins seem to be shorted (the two on the resistor end, furthest away from the J1 label). Hard to tell if they are supposed to be that way, but I am guessing not.


Oh god. I had the one shot chip in backwards >.<

What are the odds I burnt it up?

Seems like it works fine. Off to the litany thread I go…


ahaa!!! but is it working ok now??? fingers crossed for you!±!!

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It is! Thank goodness too - I have no idea how much those things cost.

Either the chip itself is pretty robust or the circuit is just that forgiving. Yay either way!


If you put it in upside down, you’ll power it from delay (+5V) and trigger (0V):

…so to power it up you need to set delay to a high value, press and hold trigger, and the output will then be connected to ground via a 1k resistor and the rate pot, which is safe.


i have been making these mistakes recently, not sure why…

good that the chip is ok :slight_smile: