The BST Thread (Buy, Sell, Trade)

I have way to many AS3340 VCO projects on the shelf, so i have 2 of the 1222 VCO kits for sale.
I have started to populate 1 pcb with the resistors, but do not have the parts to finish it for ya.
Wanna get yourself a deal and snatch 2 1222 VCO’s for the price of one? Email me at I would like to keep it EU only to keep shipping prices reasonable.

I’m asking 38 euro’s for it including normal shipping.


And they are Sold! Thanks Eric Have fun with them!


i was gonna say, thats a steal.
good on you for not bein greedy :slight_smile:


Well, i am a firm believer of community. Good active forums like this with people who help eachother are becoming more scarse by the minute.
This place makes me think about the beginnings of the muffwiggler, its a great place to surf around.
Gotta give back sometimes, karma points are gooood!


Kosmic Superspreader PCB/panel sets are now available on Tindie:

For international folks its probably cheaper to organise a group buy, as the Royal Mail cheap shipping has been on and off recently. (covid :frowning: brexit :frowning:)

Folks from this forum can get 20% off with the code FURBY1 .


sweet! totally grabbing this

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New PCBs for the Arduino Euclidean Rhythm Generator came in!

An update of the current inventory:

Just send me a message if you’re interested in any of them!



Having more of my drum modules completed, I am selling my drumbrute impact! It’s in really good shape, it even still has the plastic protective layer around the buttons on the top left, I only used it via my beatstep xD

I want 250€ for it and shipping should be Europe (preferably Germany) :slight_smile:
Just write me a message!


I have a left-over Music Thing Modular Spring Reverb Mk.2 panel. Júst the panel. If anyone has a need for it, let me know. If you pay for the postage, I’ll be happy to send it over. Cheers!


New stuff on Tindie:

Analog Output Audio Mixer PCBs & panel Analog Output Audio Mixer PCBs & panel — See Analog Output Audio Mixer

Looping Precision ADSR PCBs & panel Looping Precision ADSR PCBs & panel — See Precision ADSR (Kassutronics) - #5 by analogoutput SOLD OUT

Also available:

Analog Output Dual Quantizer Panel Analog Output Dual Quantizer Panel — See AO Dual Quantizer

Analog Output MCVI MIDI to CV PCBs & panel Analog Output MCVI MIDI to CV PCBs & panel — See AO MCVI MIDI to CV

MFOS VCO front panel MFOS VCO front panel

Analog Output panel and sync mod for MFOS LFO Analog Output panel and sync mod for MFOS LFO — See MFOS VC LFO abcd

MFOS Noise Cornucopia front panel MFOS Noise Cornucopia front panel


Looking to sell my KSP again. Its really just been sitting here not being used. I already posed this last year, sorry if etiquette would dictate that I shouldn’t post this again.

Im looking to get $400 + shipping for it, but I will also throw in some staple synth chips along with it. These chips should be enough for the number of voices this thing can control, if you are using the first channel for drums.

I’ll throw in 3x AS3340 VCO and 3x AS3360 Dual Log/Lin VCA as well.
DM me for details if interested.

I am also selling an Arturia Minilab MK2 “DEEP BLACK” for $80 + Shipping.


Twin T Kick pcb + panel

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Sold out! I have some extra (bare unassembled!) PCBs and panels available:

* @CTorp K25 LFO
2 PCB + Black FR4 panel
2 available
$3 each plus shipping

* Kassutronics Transistor Ladder Filter, Kosmo adaptation by @sebastian
2 PCB + White aluminum panel
2 available
$4 each plus shipping

Shipping to US is $4 for one board/panel set, contact me for more than one or non US destination. Payment via PayPal. Trades also considered. PM me.


Boards and panels for Fixed Filter Bank now up SOLD OUT on Tindie

Also, lowered prices on remaining stock of other items, take a look…


I’m selling my old Novation Launchpad S. I bought it ~3 years ago but haven’t had the time to fathom the ways of Ableton Live. I did use it for a bit with griode which worked well however the format is not for me.
It works with other DAWs(I have only tried with Mixcraft) but integrates best with Ableton. It should pop up on Tindie here within 24 hours.

I know Tindie doesn’t have the same audience as the likes of Reverb, but its what I’m familiar with and I would rather it went to someone on here than be snapped up by somebody random.

Anyway, photo:

edit: shipping to UK only!


I have stacks of PCBs here sitting doing nothing so would like to trade for other modules or synth bits.

VCDO board. Fully tested, some of the pots are backwards. BYO panel. 4 available, might reduce this to 2 depending on whether I feel like building more :smiley:

Arpie arpeggiator boards. The license says I’m not allowed to sell these, so am looking to trade. Fully functional. 5 available

CEM3340 breakouts. Fully functional. 3 available

Snap apart PSU/bus board. Fully functional. 1 available.

Kosmic Superspreader PCB/panel set. Pots are wired backwards but can be easily fixed. (One of these is on Tindie.) 1 available here, other is on Tindie.

UK shipping only :smiley:
If you want anything then either PM me or shoot an email to

(If you’re international and reeeeeally want something, then also PM me and we can sort something out. Likewise, if you want to purchase something rather than trade, contact me and I’ll stick it on Tindie.)


Now up for sale on Tindie (in very limited quantities):

Voltage Controlled 4046 Wave Shaper (discussion) (board and panel set) SOLD OUT

Analog Output G.E.A.R. Sequencer (discussion) (board and panel set) SOLD OUT

Analog Output Joystick Module (discussion) (board and panel set) SOLD OUT

Neuron/Difference Rectifier (discussion) (front panel)


hell yeah!
grabbed a joystick, G.E.A.R. Seq., and NLC panel :smiley:


(the wave shaper sobs quietly)


I want, but im kinda broke rn lol