My build progress

A work in progress


Cool, i really want to make the wav trigger. Any issues in your building of it?


hey Caustic the build is still in progress. I’m just finishing up the trigger board which is using transistors to protect the 3.3V pins of the wav board. It’s going to be a bit of a spaghetti mess of wiring all the buttons, jacks, and leds, but I hope to have it completed mid-week.


Which WAV board are you using?

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Tsunami super wav trigger


I’m not sure if this is meant as an “Everybody’s (My build this weekend” thread, but that’s how I’m going to use it. Here’s mine:

(Just the end bells. The rails are Tip-Top 84hp. They are oak. LOTS AND LOTS of sanding.)
I loaded it up and played with the first configuration tonight though!


Looks great! That CV module looks very interesting too… care to tell a little about it?

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Looking good!
That is some dark looking oak, did you stain it?
What are you going to put in the space between the two racks?
What’s your plan for the lower front, back and bottom? (Or are you keeping them open?)
Is the power supply attached to the right side?

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@timeorspace that’s my Model 108. It has its own thread here. @antoine.pasde2 yeah, that’s “Polyshades” combination acrylic and stain, maple tone I believe. I have some aluminum sheet I plan to try to form into a shell around the top and back and bottom as well as use for a quad-multi passive bus strip across the space between the racks. I’m a little tentative on metalwork though. That’s a MicroZeuss flying busboard system, so I’d like to attach the busses to the metal shell I think. Right now it’s open. I do t know, if I do put the shell on, it’s just going to fill up with dog hair!

Love, love, love! I’ve been trying to figure out what I want to do with my setup. For now, everything is just in a server rack frame. And everywhere else…


yep it looks like its time to organize LOL.

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I’m on about my 43rd year of organizing!


I love that the Neutron is at the top of the rack. That is such an underrated synth for how feature- and sound-rich it is. I keep finding new things to do with it all the time.


Unfortunately, as of yesterday, Behringer has joined Synthrotek on my list of companies that are dead to me.


Yeah it’s really unfortunate they have been added to a shitlist for me too.


You’re a better person than me, but man was that ever in poor taste. The video as well as Uli’s “apology”. Was trying to search for what Synthrotek has done, but didn’t find anything. Would you mind enlightening me?

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Google “synthrotek rape jokes” for starters.


Jiminy! I had no idea. What an ass.

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Yeah they should have researched it a little better. I couldn’t figure out where they got “anti-semitism” at first because the cartoon character wasn’t visible in the first Corksniffer pic I saw, but ouch!

Yeah, I really don’t think they had anti-Semitic intentions, but even without that it’s a bad look. Synthrotek, however, that crosses the line by a lot for me and I already pulled my two modules of theirs and took the pictures to put them on Reverb because I feel sick looking at them now.