I'm selling some unfinished Kosmo modules


I bought some Kosmo PCB & panel sets, start collecting parts and assembling them. Atm they are laying around here in my workshop and I’m moving them from shelf to shelf to create some space. Although this are awesome modules I cannot make any time to finish nor play them so it is a waste having them laying around not being used.

All panels were bought by me personally same for al the components (purchased via Mouser).

The PCB’s are not finished so what is done.

All “common” components are soldered on the boards such as resistors, capacitors, transistors, general IC’s etc…

What is not soldered on the boards jacks, pots, switches, leds, connectors and specials IC’s which need to be sourced by yourself. These components will NOT be available with the PCB + panel set.

For each module I supply a BOM with all the parts soldered and not soldered on the board.

All panels are quality hand soldered.

modules for sale:

#1222 performance VCO - €50
#2399 3x splashback - €50
#1157 mini adsr - €40
#1153 bounce - €50
#1114 filter grrr - €50

For pic’s and purchase please contact me on websites.jazzy@gmail.com