Tips & Tricks For Patching Modules

@Dud (and others) worked on a great resource for us about modules. I was wondering if we could create a sticky to go with that about patching? Would people be willing to post any tips, tricks, and patching ideas or routes that worked well for them? Likewise, is there any wrong way to patch a system? Things to avoid?


Oh man, I’ve thought about this for a while. Quite a few little video tutorials I’d like to make (white noise bases, FM bass wobbles, kicks and snares from VCOs, how to sidechain properly), but I don’t have all the necessary bits made yet…


That’s exactly the kind of thing I’m looking for and hoping we could make a community sticky for it. I have no clue how to sidechain with a modular setup and bass wobbles would be fantastic! :slight_smile:


Like a lot of people i think, in a “classic” voice patch with VCO/VCF/VCA, now i like to use 2 differents Envelope for Filter and VCA
i allways double the bass line in an Octaver

Also maybe not use allways a step sequencer for pitch CV in a VCO but test it in the CV Filter for exemple, you can play with the level of each step to send several voltage.

not really except maybe put a signal in an Output socket (even if it has happened to me once and nothing is destroyed)
then there are things that work better in one direction than the other, you have to test to see which sound you prefer, for example VCO / VCF / Distortion or VCO / Distrotion / VCF, or maybe VCO/VCF/Dist and why not another VCF ?
I have not yet tested with 2 filters, but for the distortion I personally prefer before the filter.




I add this link in this thread because there are also some small and simple patches under almost each module.


There is certainly parts of these modules I’ve made that I do not know what they do. In Sam’s latest Patreon video, he showed his whole routing setup for the Christmas stream. He does give a tip about how he sends a second signal out of his highest VCO into the filter control for a frazzley effect.


Don’t hesitate to ask, there will surely be someone here who knows


I’ve been thinking of making some videos on individual modules, but maybe something more around tips/tricks with specific modules would be better.


indeed! and I must be honest I made a bit of a mistake!! its the middle oscillator, too high its not frazzle enough, too low its too wibbly wobbly, the sweet spot is usually the mid one, :smiley:

also! you can if you use the high one get vowel sounds out of it, but maybe use a more fixed oscillator that isnt being driven by the same note cv. so you have a nice solid vowel. What I mean is plug in a high ish frequency into the cv input of the filter (square wave probably a good one!) turn the res up a bit and you’ll get faux vowel sounds its sort of a higher pitched version of the frequency modulation described to get the squenchynedss described above :smiley: