A litany of dumbassery

Some options:

  • Wick + extra flux (get a flux pen, and add extra flux to the wick before wicking)
  • Manual desoldering pump (varying quality, most are a bit crap, I have an Engineer brand one that’s supposedly good but haven’t tried it yet, but even the crap ones can be useful for a first pass).
  • Toothpicks, as mentioned (I think it was @analogoutput who first suggested that)
  • Desoldering needles may work in some cases; less likely if the holes are tiny.
  • Inertia – heat up the solder, smack the board against something. May or may not be a good idea depending on board size, hole location, and what you smack it against (I do this a lot, but my boards are tiny).
  • Electrical desoldering pump/station.