A litany of dumbassery

So I left out a break on a stripboard and nearly fried an op amp, and then applied the wrong voltage to a brand new Arduino and fried its regulator, hi, how’s your weekend going?


close to that , but I am trying to see the bright spots , there are a few . :hugs:


Sorry bud, whatcher building?


I blew a dunio last weekend not quite sure how but think it was due to a negative voltage on AREF… it was the end of a bad project. ( DMX receiver…).




I can:

  • Build this module with one IC soldered to the board
  • Send out an order right now for 16 pin sockets and wait for them to show up
  • Be patient and see if Tayda’s having a sale next week and order sockets then along with the rest of my lengthy wishlist

I mean, I could do it without the socket. There’s at least a 50% chance I wouldn’t put the IC in backwards. And a pretty good chance I wouldn’t otherwise fry it, and even if I did it’d take no more than half an hour or so to cut it out and unsolder the pins and clear the holes and put in a socket because let’s face it I wouldn’t be bold a second time.

Or I could find something else to work on.

Imma find something else to work on.

And check my socket stash next time even if sockets aren’t on the BOM. Riiiiight.



  • Use 2 8-pin sockets

I’m a dumbass genius I am.

Edit: Or:

  • Look again at my 14 pin socket and realize it’s 16 pin

I could swear it was 14.


Get a stash of these, to use as backup:


(can also be had cheaply on ebay/aliexpress)

(leaving the machined/not-machined discussion for another thread)


Y’know, I think I have those too.

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I attempted transferring my breadboard circuit too a protoboard. Drew up the schematic in easy eda and tired took a look at pcb view there being a lot of components and a pretty big template for the board. tired to wing it with my small protoboards. Couldn’t get halfway without running out of space and the circuit not working scrapped it and now waiting for larger protobroads.

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This inspired me to look and see if Tayda had their 110x93 veroboards back in stock. Apparently they do, but in the process I checked their domestic eBay store and saw this!
Screen Shot 2020-04-18 at 3.35.34 PM
Of course I understand why they have this up, but it still shook me a little bit. Tayda/Thaishine have been such a constant.


Im happy to say that when i bought verobord from them i bought in bulk. I have like 48 left.


Apparently Amazon thinks I should store my components in a vacuum cleaner.


LOL I’ve been there. I don’t know if the algorithm is getting lax or if they do it on purpose hoping a shot in the dark will amp up big-ticket items, but when a search for “(brand name) open back headphones” brings back results for an unrelated brand’s sport wireless earbuds it’s more annoying than likely to trick me into buying it.

On the other hand, maybe they’re legitimately hoping to help you keep from “lego-bricking” a dead-bugged IC laying on the floor.

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LOL, two terms i have never heard, but two situations i can relate to…


I do have to admit, I’ve stored a component or two in a vacuum cleaner before.


Its most likely that the hyperparameters for cordless vacuums align with keyword “electronics” because of the department, “parts and storage” keywords likely are a result from the product description.

I reinstalled windows and played minecraft with friends, enjoyed it. Then it didn’t work.

Reinstalled windows again. Played, worked, few hours later again said no. I put the error string (something about java unable to create child exception) into a search engine and I was told
1: Disable antivirus (don’t use it, turned off windows defender as it’s annoying)
2: Disable VPN (Don’t use it)
3: Update your Java. Did but it didn’t work. Anyway, why would that be an issue? It worked when windows was fresh, then stops working.

Gotta be Java acting up on you. It’s just upset that it’s no longer the most popular programming language.


Gimme C and Python :slight_smile:. No hate on java, everyone has their preferences.

BTW, it’s really annoying when people get elitist about programming languages. Like, its ok for someone to like something you dont. I once got into it with someone cause they were bashing basic cause it had GOTO. Im like, dont you realize JMP instructions are central to how computers work?

At the end of the day, we are just tricking rocks into thinking when we strike them with lightning. Everything is a fucking hack when you get down to it.



Are you playing minecraft from the Microsoft app store? Its a different version. Also, what issue are you experiencing exactly?

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