The BST Thread (Buy, Sell, Trade)

Just making a list will be a massive task in itself. A lot of my gear has been modded by me so it’s not enough to say “a pevey p60 guitar” when the phase switch is modified and the interior has been shielded. If I get the list done I’ll post it and if anyone has any links to synth mods for wheelchairs you know where to post them.


Wouldn’t two synth bikes side by side strapped together with gaffa tape basically do the job?


Yay! But who’s pedalling? Plus as much as I’d love Dr Who I don’t want to end up looking like Davros!



A dalek’s nightmare: a wisecracking Scotsman in Davros’s chair.



Extra PCB sets up for grabs

$10each on the 5cm modules (have about 8 of each)
15 on the taxidermist (have a few left)

$6 shipping for USA.


I have received more stock of B10k and B100k 6.35 round shaft pots. These do not have the tabs on them. If anyone is interested in purchasing some the cost for LMNC people is $9 for 10 + shipping. Shipping is usually $4 - $5.50 depending on where you live in the US and the quantity you purchase. Includes all washers and nuts needed.

I also have switches if anyone needs those. They are 2 for $1. I have:

SPDT - on-off-on
DPDT - on-on
DPDT - on-off-on


Lookin to sell my Keystep Pro. I like it, but my needs have shifted and I need the space. Was going to make a listing on reverb, but I thought I could mention it here first. I have the box, and the original USB cable along with it. Looking to ship only to the contiguous US for shipping cost reasons. Open to offers, just DM me for details.

It will be around mid December before I will be able to ship.

Original Keystep is now sold.

Also have an original Keystep that does not have its box, but does have the original USB cable that i am looking to sell.

I want to add that I’m open to throwing in some front panels I made a while back, since it wouldn’t add much to the shipping.

Im going to leave this up for a bit, so there isnt a huge rush for everyone.

The Caustic VCF / VCO front panel greens i had made a while back. The holes are just a hair narrow, so you would have to widen them a bit. Someone wanted me to sell them, but with this error, i can only in good conscience give them away. They mount the tayda stripboards, so this is perfect for the stripboard version of the VCO / VCF. To be clear, these are just the front panels.


How much are you wanting for your Keystep Pro?


Feel free to DM me, even if you may not be wanting to buy soon. I would much prefer it go to someone in this community than someone I don’t know. I am just trying to gauge the interest, since i would like to sell here but I dont want to bother anyone if there isnt an interest!


Back in (limited!) stock!

Coming soon: Euro/Kosmo power breakout boards for connecting Eurorack style power cables to non Eurorack PCBs.


yes 50 please .I am still not 100% confident in my git hub / pcb ordering skill which is non existent so far.

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Now up


YES! This is perfect timing.

These are fab wee things. Do you have a schematic? Can’t justify postage from US which is a real shame.


Thank you. Much appreciated.

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In addition to the B10k and B100k pots and switches that I have I also have limited stock of some new 3.5mm mono Eurorack patch cables available. Message me if you’re interested in anything.

Here is what I have available. All cables are $1/each. Mix and match as you like.
15cm - Pink (20 available)
30cm - Red (20 available)
45cm - Blue (20 available)
60cm - Yellow (20 available)


I have 40 of these potentiometer face plates with the protective plastic film still on them.

Pay what you want + shipping.


I still have my Keystep Pro available if anyone is interested.