Synth "Workstation" build

Yesterday and today was the time to finally build my proper case, for too long the modules have been in slim and practically useless cases that could not be easily worked with.

Using a scrap speaker enclosure as a bottom cabinet ( I put wheels on to help move it.

A “Constructed” OSB board and CLS + scrap mid cabinet ( not sure what’s going in the bottom half yet ) as a Key board stand.

And a recycled book case for the Modular, BSP, And othe rgubbins.

I started the build.


Ready to install…

The original mess of stuff.

I made a boob on my rails, should have done this job 5 months ago when it was fresh in my mind but I mixed up the thick and thin batons. The thick ones fouled the modules.


Wow, i love it! Like especially the keyboard stand, sucks about the rails.


In place, power supply hooked up and the Power Distribution modules working.

I have too few power cables and too few long patch leads to go any further. I have not even screwed them in yet which is a mistake as the splashback has already taken a swan dive and smashed a switch. :frowning:

Must thing about this project…


Decided to put one old case on the wall , still need to fix Drone 1 and try and build a working Drone 2…

Bottom cabinet houses some active speakers I picked up in a charity shop for £8 in between lockdowns last year.



Rails took about an hour to fix, just used some scrap. Was just a bit gutted yesterday when I took it all to my workshop and the modules would not go in…


Nice progress though!


Cheers guys, it’s rough and ready but it’s actually turned out better than I had planned.


Mr cheapskate is still waiting on screws :frowning: 1st ebay vendor cancelled. Just wating on a second order.

I did spend ~ £40 on 6.35mm patch leads. Nice but a bunch of cash and a bit bulky.

I then found I could buy 1M 3.5 → 6.5 leads off amazon for 75p and adaptors from Ali express for 35p… making for very flexible, versatile leads for £1.10 each… work for patching and for the BSP too.

The case has allowed my to make some more structured noise… when I get the cables and screews i can then work on making the noise more structured.


Id be carefull of those adaptors, i found any slight movement would cause the ground to go slightly wonky and send my synth nuts, could just be crap adaptors thought…crapdaptors