New to the forum

Hayy everyone. I wa. Recommended the forum as Iv been slowly designing pcb panel sets in Kosmo format. I ju t finished the dual VCA last night.
My gerber’s are free for anyone who wants them. But i also sell pcb/panel sets on my website.

But importantly i’m super proud how they are turing out


Welcome to the forum! I just had a look at your github repositories and I think I am going to try out a couple of things!

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I really need to update it is got a good 15 modules ready to go but my pc has gone bang.

Thanks so much for checking out what is up there, it means a great deal. If u need any help just let me know

I also sell pcb panel sets and guitar pedal pcbs on my website with worldwide shipping. you can find a bigger list of built docs there to. Also shameless plug aha.

That means a great deal thankyou. I need to update it badly as i got loads ready to go. Waiting for PC parts as my pc is screwed

Welcome! I believe I was the one who gave you shit for calling Kosmo 5u, then invited you here haha.


I believe the technical term is 5ishu.


Measurement go brrrrrr