#2001 keyboard sequencer

An 80 cm Braids would be a sight to behold!


I tried looking Braids up on Reverb sold listings and read [sic] 8.5cm. That doesn’t seem right…

-Fumu / Esopus

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The product page says 16 HP which is 16×5.08 = 81.28 mm, or 80.90 mm if you round down slightly.

EDIT: Ok, LMNC mentioned @d42kn355’s braid which might differ slightly. Probably not 10× wider, though :grinning:

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Maybe @d42kn355 's KOSMO Euro Playset was meant? But that is only 40cm wide…

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I think this was it, i couldnt remember if it was playground or something else!

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lol - It was 8.5cm if i remember right - I dont even have the files for that one anymore!

I also do not have one myself - I gifted out my personal one to someone who messaged me about it :slight_smile:


Oh good, the schematic has an external 5V regulator connected to the Arduino 5V pin.

When does the sketch go up?


I’d vote for calling that “The Rapunzel”

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Hi Sam… Hope you may be able to help!

Parcel arrived yesterday at home fine, has a quick look at it. Put it with some stuff and took it to my workshop an hour later.

Could not find the two jack boards :frowning: Checked at home, checked van, checked workshop, checked at home, checked van, checked workshop.

I am an utter loss as to wher and how I have missplaced them.

Utterly bemused by it…

Do you have any spare jack boards I can buy, no problem if they are seconds as long as they do the job.

Cheers Rob,

Obviously the moment any replacement arrives the originals will turn up in plain sight…

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Like the hat I misplaced for a week and a half. It was lying on the floor two feet to the left of my desk chair. :roll_eyes:

It’s too bad more things aren’t like cell phones, able to call for help when they’re lost.


haha oops. yeah big one most certainly right brain fart that was!

aaah what a pain hey!! I set the jack boards to self destruct 1 hour after handling which would explain that.

do you mind sending me your address again? via whatever means you have be it email or message! anvil get some posted tomorrow morning as I have a few things I need to send to different places!


sketch is up. maybe this is a delayed comment I realise I was responding on the mail day thread about this oops.

as for 5v input yep I listened to the voice of reason from up above :smiley:


Thought I was on to a couple of ideas… Had it fallen down the back of the place I put stuff when unlocking the door… No… Had I put them on the home work bench whilst counting out B100K’s nooo…

I even checked if they were somehow stuck to the big boards, 4 times…

Can’t understand it… they are not big like the two main boards but they are not tiny… :frowning:

Cheers For helping :slight_smile: Would be apian after ordering £25’s worth of Alpha 9mm’s to have no use for them…

Will send you a PM.

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so what’s this SMT connector? it looks like a right angle pin header?

Ya, this is the one in the BOM

This is what I got from Tayda, which I hope will work ( update:these will work, see below)

I don’t think so, that’s a through hole part, meant to give you header pins that run parallel to the board. The SMD one has mounting pins that sit directly on the board leaving the header pins perpendicular. The Tayda one won’t do that.

(By the way, the matching socket is described as “10 Pin low profile SMT header Female” but the link is to a through hole part. I suspect through hole is correct for that one.)

ahh i can see the smt pads for it now on the front panel and some tht on the main pcb. its to join the PCB/Panel for the Touch pads. Not enough room for a nor mall pin headder.

That is what I was afraid of Rich.

Twinturbo, Can you post a pic of that?

the pins on the SMT male are offset at alternate angles, not all pointing the same way. You could pull them out of a standard header and pu tthem back in… But I think the overall space between boards is the constraining issue.