Sequencer Keyboard Thingy

so after a bit of thinking this is the latest of the keyboard sequencer design from me.

no artwork as of yet.

I have been putting together currently just testing it with some rough code. I
ts Arduino again so code can be modded and mangled to your hearts content.
but this one varies from the first one as it also has 16 step output which I think is pretty useful. and serge style capacitive touch pads instead of buttons which are proving pretty good! they are solid instead of patterned as that seems to be a lot more responsive to different finger types! (dry/moist hands ha)


I’m putting aside rack space for this one. How wide is it? 20cm?

If it’s Kosmo, it’s 20 cm high, and judging from the photo it’s a bit wider than it is high :grinning:


Def looks like 40 cm to me. I’m interested in the buttons, similar could be useful in other designs. DIY Buchla Thunder controller anyone?


yeah 40cm! one of the big mummas. I’m trying to not do many modules this big as they do end up being quite chunky! but this one needed it. its the same size as the old one and I’m guessing @analogoutput 's take on it is also a 40cm one I’m pretty sure!!!


implementing it is very easy. so that could indeed be done with any run of the mill Arduino controller code!
analog in but the pull down resistor is a very very high resistance. 4-10M to be honest even digital inputs might work too. its proved pretty good to be honest. when I made the sausage synth its what I did those sausages were awfully responsive ha!

had a brain fart. sausage synth never made it because I did it as part of a series me and a couple of friends made 2 years ago for a company who decided to can it all after we finished it! ill find a pic tho.


How are you working the connections to the buttons? Surface solder pads on the back side? Or is there a header hidden somewhere?


surface mount pin header to the back of the panel. working well but still sorting out the code to make sure its all a happy Chappy!
not surface mount on the sausage synth mind. that was point to point hahahaha

ill take some more shots of it tomorrow (the keyboard sequencer that is) not got it with me at the minute. a shot of the back


Hot dog, that’s really the wurst sausage synth i have ever seen! Thanks for sharing this, made my day.


Yay! Finally an ‘official’ sequencer panel! Looking forward to this one.


That looks what we in Sweden call a KORV MS-20.

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sounds tasty and like something my cardiologist would say absolutely not :slightly_frowning_face:

sorry this one has taken a couple of months to get right! this is the last proto, tiny bit more artwork and this one will be ready in about 3 weeks. here is a very un musical demonstration haha

code still needs a bit of fiddling but the hardware is good now. tried keeping it as close to the original as poss but adding a couple of things. so still no multiplexers etc its an Arduino and circuit logic basically


drums and synths being sequenced by it, being driven by 2 different LFO’s one forward and one backwards hence the dodgy ness in the middle ha

16 step sequence playing the notes and the drums on the 8step


I am very much looking forward to this. Between it and the evil eye sequencer (pretty similar), I will have a pretty good set of in the box sequencing happening.


The touch pads remind me of the Flundrton Lyra-8 panels. He replaced the thumbscrews that are typically found on the Lyra-8 and harder to source, with lotus pads built into the panel. He ran a wire between the panel on the back and Lyra-8 pad locations on the PCB. There’s a photo on his website where he talks about it:


batch arrived today. I need to pack them expect on store next week Monday probably. here is the back of the front panel! same size as the mega drone panels


looking good , still amazed you get anything done with all you have going on .


I’m confused by these contacts for the capacitive touch switches.

Am I supposed to bend my male pin connectors and solder them on?

Use a surface mount header

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