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More info to come! but just working on getting up and all together BOM is on its way and other thingies

The 1153 BOUNCE BOUNCE BOUNCE BOUNCE BOUNCE BOUNCE BOUNCE is an enevelope generator module with a difference, instead of your usual ADSR mallarky this replicated the bouncing ball simulator patch on old analog computers. Why the heck is that useful you ask? well!!! its actually pretty awesome, making bounces of voltages in varying waveforms that slowly succumb to gravity.

It is based on the one shot chip by electric druid here.

PCB, Panel and chip bundle for the 1153 Bounce is available here.

It has variable Bounce waveforms, Bounce rate, Bounce delay and the amount of bounce repeats, all controllable over CV!

BILL OF MATERIAL TO COME BEFORE THE END OF THE 18th DECEMBER, BUT ALL IN ALL PRETTY STANDARD, 2 TL074’s 1 TL072, 5 10k Pots etc, bipolar LED’s, 1 momentary SPDT mini toggle switch etc.

Here is a video i shared of a prototype on patreon a month back :-


Added to the Pile of things to do over the holiday ( not that I am off other than for the bank holidays )


Why 8 bounces and not 9 in the name? P:

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haha typo!!! it was meant to be 7 :smiley:


This module goes to 8!


The more the merrier!

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I guess i best go look at the BOM BOm Bom bom

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TL071? guess i need to order some of them

typo! 72 just finishing bom now:D sorry about that!

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Kozmo getting some Gummi Berry Juice.


If I keep buying all these modules, my checks might bounce too. :wink:



Half thought you had gone left field to wake us all up and introduce an incompatible pin chip…

but stronger half suggested a Dyslx transposition for which I have a million times to correct on my worx…

Scary Sh…

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I gotta make this. Love that bouncing bounce bounce… :smiley:

@lookmumnocomputer can’t find the bom anywhere…

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sorry about that I must not have saved the changes to the website! its up now


is it normal that output and inverted output are on the same point.
the inverted one shouldn’t be after the first opamp ?

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There is a single pot listed in the BOM instead of five…
Should they be linear or log ?
And I count 9 100nF caps on the schem and a single one in the BOM…

yeah they are basically multiples in the end, its just a label hanging over from earlier in the design process before the attenuverter :slight_smile:

it was either having a wonky attenuverter and mirrored outputs, or the negative output much lower signal level, both didnt seem like a good idea so I went for just multiples of the end output because of space on the circuit board.


thanks Eric ill fix that, linear all 100k

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