Video on other modules in kosmo format

hey awesome looks like I have my work cut out for me and it may end up being a bi monthly thing! haha.


Then there’s my Megamodule, but that requires getting your hands on the megaphone to be bent…


For most of my [a-Z].*-O-Matic modules I’ve published a video via this page Zaphod B - YouTube and showcased the modules on this forum. None of these implementations are in Kosmo format however, but I know some people have announced that they would take a few of the designs and implement them in Kosmo format. Maybe those people could make a picture or video of their take on my designs and contribute those?


All my new modules are not yet in my website, so no pic and vid for it for the moment, but i can maybe make it for the FX100 (from @Jos ) with PT2399 time circuit, my Dial phone gate trigger or the dual CV /Wheel joystick
also the TWIN T Kick Drum


@sebastian has a ladder filter, and Kosmo braids (which I still need to get)


some pics of my new modules


That dial module looks great!


I love the 808 Kick I did a PCB and panel for based on M4TM’s schematic: Modular-Synth-Build/808Kick at main · jhitesma/Modular-Synth-Build · GitHub

The PCB only has 2 front traces so it’s easy to do as a single sided DIY board with jumpers - or can be ordered from a board house.

I am kind of thinking about doing a new panel that’s a bit wider and has a bigger knob for the Pitch though as I love the way it sound when the pitch changes. ( I kind of want to try adding CV to the pitch as well but keep forgetting.)


Nice looking stuff! Have you used the joystick as a controller yet? How does it ‘feel’?


Not more than just a basic test to see if all works … more when he will be in a case with his friends.
But what do you mean exactely by “like a controller”.
I think it’s CV i can control pitch, filter, vca … everything with CV in, but maybe you think about one specific thing .
For info it has
X1 and Y1 : joystick which stays where it is (without spring), good for filters for example.
X2 (with spring) therefore which returns by itself in the middle.
And the last Y2 is used as a wheel +1 octave or +5 octave in positive or negative value.
I can’t wait to try this with another module :slightly_smiling_face:


I did not have any specific use in mind. I was curious what you had used it for or plan on using it for.

I bought some joysticks a while ago. I expect to use them in the midi controller I’m planning to build which will have a gazillion controls and a multitude of displays and is probably water cooled for which my working title is the Ultimate-Controller-of-every-Controller-Ever-O-Matic. But otherwise I have no idea yet how to use them.


big big project ! Never used either but I really see it as a potentiometer with another means of expression, such as the expression pedal or even light sensors …
i think specialy at the wheel effect for pitch in CV 2 of a VCO during a melodies or sequence in CV1 :slightly_smiling_face:


Maybe you could try pacing it out and doing one of your modules a month with a video and another video showing someone elses as well. Youtube doesn’t seem to like long videos and I think it might be cool to kind of pace it out, less instant fatigue with too many choices but thats just my 2 pence (did I get it right? i’m not British lmao)


I’d say tuppence, but that’s a bit old school.


I’d say: 2 cents. …


I made some “components on front panel” modules, if you’re interested:

I’m still debugging the VCO and the VCA tho.


What! These are sick! I want a set @telec16

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Cool! but worried about ESD. :worried:

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thanks! this weekend I will try to get motivated enough to make sure everything is alright before asking who want what

Yeah ESD might be an issue but these days parts are fairly robust, and it’s way harder to kill a component once soldered onto the PCB.