Modular grid thoughts?

so after chatting about @TimMJN 's new Kosmo format clock module. I had a chat with Tim and it came up in convo bout modular grid.

I figured it was worth asking if it was time at all for the kosmo format to possibly get a category. im not sure wether its right or not. but its just a though as there are actually if you think about it quite a number of contributors.

just a though. If you think its worthwhile please send them a tweet or reply to my tweet with them added

maybe it isn’t time. maybe it isnt ready. but I thought I should just put this idea out there!


Second largest format on big DIY fb group, I think it definitely belongs!


I’ve wanted this for a while.

I’d also love for somebody to set up a Kosmo store (other than Reverb/Tindie and the BST thread) where I can browse and shop for all of the different PCB/Panels that people are making. It’d be great if we could even add our own, maybe with a little bit of profit sharing or pay what you want…


How many Kosmo PCBs and panels have been produced and offered to others? (Stripboard layouts, non-offered PCBs/panels, etc., would be things to count separately.)

From me I count 6 PCBs+panels plus 5 panels for other PCBs (and 1 panel for no PCB at all):

  • PCB+Panel
    • Gate Grinder
    • Dual Quantizer
    • Mikrokosmos
    • Noise Bells
    • MCVI
    • DC Mixer
  • Panel only
    • MFOS Noise Cornucopia
    • MFOS VCO
    • Attenuators
    • Barton Sallen-Key VCF
    • MFOS Dual VCA

In addition to the LMNC ones, I have

  • Kosmo THT Braids
  • Kosmo Transistor Ladder Filter
  • Kosmo/Kassutronics A/D/R

I’m also looking to pickup all of those CTorp K25 series…

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I currently have

  • the “evil eye” sequencer
  • rotating clock divider

With more to come


I come back to this thought a lot.

We’re in a community that essentially started on the technology that’s the same as MG. It would make sense. Modular is a form that anyone can learn by reading and joining in conversations on the internet. There’s marketplaces for all the materials necessary and sometimes in bundles as in the kits. When a modular case is being planned there’s MG to aid and it’s a community as well. Kosmo would be benefited from simply knowing where is the optimal place to put everything in the wooden racks and screw them into the ideal spots.

When I thought of how a format goes on I looked if other formats have made it on MG. I didn’t even find any mention first. It confused me looking up this very topic. I stumbled upon something with AE. They’ve talked with MG and apparently they found there wasn’t interest from them. Why? I’m actually not sure but I’d bet the answer was money and getting stores interested in carrying AE.

However if you asked me it’s right and Kosmo should be in MG. Kosmo grew fast and people are learning of the format everywhere. I think it’s time will come. Maybe some popular modular maker will make Kosmo for stores to carry. I want to brand my own modules at the right time. I’m not sure if I’ll sell them or put the PCB images out. Kosmo was and is still growing beyond the LMNC modules almost all through the release of PCB images which I’m hoping brings the format more attention. I guess it’s kind of radical to give something away but that can spawn a lot of growth. Even LMNC has stripboard layouts which is like giving something for free. I believe beyond the need to see the money maybe one day MG will turn to seeing Kosmo as being a big thing. Has MG spoken yet on this? What’s their motivation to move onto Kosmo?

-Fumu / Esopus

I don’t have Twitter but I think it’s a great idea. It would be good to have a database of all the Kosmo modules, and it would also give Kosmo a lot more exposure.

I would be able to add:

  • Kosmic Superspreader
  • Noise generator.
  • And a couple more prototypes that don’t quite work yet…

Edit: MOTM has 4 votes, it’s on MG so I don’t see why not.

thanks for the reply everyone lets see what they say. who knows!maybe it needs another year lets see how it goes along. the great thing is like @KardashevTypeII mentions its grown beyond its initial means, so lets see where it goes.


There are even more.

  • Cory’s k25 series, plus Sequential Switch, Switched Mult, and adaptation of phonic taxidermist.
  • telec16’s cool looking modules (and someone else I don’t remember made a few more in the same style)
  • d42kne55 has a few modules too.

For another statistic, this forum currently has 855 members. Not all are active of course (looks like about 230 have visited in the past month), and not all are building Kosmo, and probably not all Kosmo builders are active here, but that maybe gives a sense of the numbers.


I have wished for this for a while -
And its SUPER easy to submit modules once things are in place.
For example:

My currently unlisted Page for when I release EuRolz.

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Of course the other option is for someone

<takes one step backwards>

to roll their own Kosmo-specific clone of MG.

I note without comment that the domain name appears to be available.


Analog Output,

If you talk to the AE community maybe they would agree to some of their own code to create their MG clone be shared open source.

-Fumu / Esopus


That’s actually a pretty good idea, except for the part about me doing it.


hahahaha my thoughts entirely. not that id know where to start. who knows maybe modular grid might come back

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I’m a web developer, and while I think a fully functional modular grid clone might be beyond what I have time to commit to at the moment, I was thinking of building something where Kosmo builders can advertise their projects - specifically projects that have either schematics/gerbers ready to go with a BOM, or a panel/pcb kit available to buy. The site would have filters to allow someone to filter by function, hp, whether it’s a schematic/pcb+panel/full kit etc. In the interest of making it open to anyone to contribute, the site’s code would be hosted on github with an easy way (i.e. csv/markdown rather than HTML) for people to add details of their projects.


Github hosting would also be an affordable way to host (free).

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Yes, I’m thinking either github pages or netlify, I’ve had decent success with both in the past.

As a straw poll, are there any data formats that would be preferable?

Preferred Data Format
  • CSV
  • JSON
  • Markdown
  • Other

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