Synthcube 9mm pot group buy

They have a group buy on 9mm alpha potentiometers on right now (April 5th, 2021)

Currently they have no linear pots listed, only log. And


Really tempted to start using 16mm pots or hybrid footprint when possible in my pcbs

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Me too… but sometimes there just isn’t room.

Why did Tayda only order 1000 when there’s a 5 month lead time?

They say they have 6000 on order arriving in August.

But they had 7500 at the start of this year and they were gone by mid February…

1000 Spine shafts
6000 Round shafts

Round shaft imo is the least ideal.

D Shaft > Spline Shaft > Round Shaft > No Shaft

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D shaft means you can’t use the pot in different orientations, and spline shaft knobs come off too easily.

(Ah, holy wars.)

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Never tried spline shaft but no way I’d use d shaft lol

Why? they’re ideal for set screw knobs.

Like analog said, you are stuck with one orientation. With round shaft you could mount the pot any way you want on pcb and it will still work how you expect because you set the knob where you wanted it

but Cory, you design all your own pcbs, so you’re gonna be oriented exactly the way you want it :slight_smile:

If anything it’s an advantage because it means all your knobs would be exactly centered automagically.

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Right, and sometimes you want it oriented differently. I’m getting a board fabbed with pots in different orientations because of space constraints.


Wait, is this new? How long has Tayda been selling non Alpha 9mm pots?

4640 in stock.

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Cheap too…

20chars banana 123

Manufacturer: Tayda Electronics

well that explains it. Crafty!

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Datasheet “approval” was around New Years so pretty new


Datasheet says Hong Yuan Electronic Technology, and is dated 29 Dec 2020. That’s presumably when they got the quote, so I’d guess they just went on sale in the past few weeks.


I have tons of pots luckily got pretty well stocked up from @popflier and got a load of weird values from tayda and thonk. I am curious to hear about those though

I better take one for the team and order some of these and see if they’re any good.