My build progress

As long as it sounds awesome, why would you care? :stuck_out_tongue:

I just finished with the latest shipment from our man, Sam.

The store descriptions on these needs to be updated, because there’s an entire drum kit hiding in the Bounce Bounce and the Safety Valve. They are both really great sound sources.

I’m thinking about slapping a vac pack on the gain knobs on these Safety Valves. I love the sound they make when you max the volume knob and sweep the gain.


A triple passive vactrol VCA (maybe more a LPG)

And a patch with it


That was super good! Loved everything about it.

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That’s a cleaver idea. Do you have a schematic with the values of the parts you used?

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This was my evening… I love Frequency Central’s kits, but I gotta have it in Kosmo.



I’m not sure, but If this question is for the Vactrol VCA, here’s the schem i used

VCA - LPG passif


Thanks, I think I’ll give that a try.


I made a diy vactrol with LDR and maybe test with different value for the led resistor

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Look at this one (thx @saint_et_moudulard for the link :wink: )
maybe more interesting ?


More vactrol’s passive lpg/vca here ! (lpg are my favorites modules) :


*This one is a really good active vactrol’s vca (for guitar but it working good with my synth):


*Here a lpg/vca who coming from a pedal effect design by beavisaudio (you can try different capacitors values at “peak” switch). Really nice sound !!

Have fun !


Yoo ! I hope all Diyers feeling goods despite these trouble times. But quarantine is not a problem for synth build-nerds ?! :stuck_out_tongue: take care of you and of your families and friends !

=> Here are my Day’s builds:

  • The fantastic twin-t bass drum circuit by @Krakenpine, your really a genius guys !! Thank you for this nice gift you have give to the Diyers community ! :facepunch:


  • I have also build a clone of the TR-82’s simple kick. I have add a switch with diodes clipping for a distortion mod and I have improve the trigger input with a transistors network. The audio signal at the output is relatively weak; I am thinking of adding an amplifier…

I will surely post an article with my modifications if some people are interested; the circuit works with a 9v single supply, which can be interesting for the few afraid of symmetrical power supplies :wink:

*For more percussive voices and schematics, take a look of this great page =>

Kicking your brain but dont burn it ! :facepunch::facepunch:
Have a good day !!


Yes cool kick man :wink: thx for the link

Me today i put another buffered multiple in the new case.

and a little patch with it


Beautiful and spooky/strange atmospheric soundscape !! I’m lovin’it !! I can hear this for hours


thx, i made another track with the same patch, but with a clean recording with PC (no clic clic with the switch between the record and no white noise camera)


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I really love your sound design !! Thank you for all this emotionnal, introspective and scary sounds !! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

Some experiments and soundscapes from the time when I was playing with oscillators and discovering electronic magic tricks. In this time I didn’t really understed what I maked and didn’t know where I’ll go…
I did not yet know that the addiction would drag me into the magnificent limbo of the analog sound synthesis…

*Drone attack and dark atmospheric

*intergalactic ambient with a moded s-gakken x, a simple 555’s square oscillator (it was my first build) and some functions generators 's modules from China

*jam of universe and stardust

*space soundscape with a 40106 drone machine

*Piezo noises

*My diy page on instabitch with more sound experiments:


bah ça c’est du drone au kilo :laughing:
i like Noise impact one


Yeeaaah in noise we trust! (Except with neighbors…)
make noise not war !! :facepunch:


You mean noise like this?