My build progress

33k seems very high for an LED and 5 V. Maybe too high? I typically use about 2k with 12 V – depends on the LED of course. But anything above about 470R ought to be safe.


I used a 100k resistor on a blue led the other day (in a 12 V setup) and it was still a tad too bright to my taste.


Soooo that took a while… got there though.

I gave up on keeping it all neat n just jammed the wires in by the end lol
Now a check I actually have the code on it and test =D


My first contribution !
A drone machine called “le kraken” based on 5 Sam’s Super Simple Oscillator.
I added a few option like an LFO and a a photoresistor. A video soon


Very nice ! welcome in the forum :slight_smile:


Super clean! And welcome here!


Well… No dice on being lucky and getting it right first time. Even after uploading the code to the Arduino =P
(Yes i tried testing it without the BigButton Code hosted)

Had a look around and ive got some stuff to do. Change Big Button LED to A3 from A6 as it is in the schem, look at ground wire from the Ch’x’ Outs, check Rotary Switch Voltages…

Im putting together a list of things to trouble shoot so if there’s anything that will help… link me up schottky!

Does this grounding look ok from Ch1-6 out?
Does it matter where the Gnd is on the Mini Switches (Purple Circles)?
That green wire is a spy!.. ground wire.


Got my triple ADSR generator based on an STM32 nucleo board up and running, pics and a little sound demo here (particularly proud of the kick):

The nucleo drives three separate sample and hold ICs to provide three independant and configurable envelopes. You can select from three types of curve per segment, linear, logarithmic or exponential. There are normal and inverted envelope modes, as well as looping and chaining AD functions.

I’ll share code and schematics soon.

Have to get a front panel on it - but couldn’t resist playing with it as soon as I had it fully debugged. Today I learnt that surface mount with a heat gun works for about 90% of your connections - the rest had to be touched up with the iron. I also learnt - the hard way - to tie off unused op-amps in the TL074 package…



As promised:

The PCB is eurorack sized.
Anyone wanting to build the code can load the ioc in STM32CubeMX to create the rest of the build environment.
For the eagle-eyed there’s an LMNC easter egg in there :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Envelope Gen day :slight_smile: , my new dual AD/AR is operational.
as for the others that I had done I added a biggest capacitor and a switch for long or short envelope.
And also on this one I did not put the push switch for manual triggering, I realized that I did not use them on the others.


I’ll pile on with Envelope Generator Day… today I put together another O6Beptka-8 envelope generator (druid envgen8-powered).


bmc # 016 dual nice quantizer . soldered up the pcb a month ago finally got around to making a face panel and wiring it up .


Very nice! May I ask what your panel making process is like?

a bit old school .
on this one I made a drill pattern [ not shown] drilled the alum. plate .
traced that [ holes ] to another sheet of paper used the label maker to mark up lettering .
scanned that , once I figured out proper scale printed to colored paper .
sealed with a plastic sheet laminator .
spray glued that to the aluminum panel .
looks a little more complicated and time consuming written out like this , but it really is pretty easy .


Aaaah… the label maker. I’m not allowed to have one of those following a cat-labeling incident.


That’s what I thought to myself, I looked again in the original schematic to see if I confused ohm with kohm, but … look at the top right

I will try again with 33R

No no, 33R will be too small. LED will burn out most likely (unless it doesn’t light up at all for other reasons).

I did see the 33k on the schematic, I just had trouble believing it.


Hell there’s a lot of good work going on!! I have been caught up doing other things . But I did start on a new MEGA case yesterday.

Just off yo build the safety valve.

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Heck yeahhhh, lights n flashing!
Moving A6 to, the right place seems to have done it.

Still got some bugs to squash. Ch1-6 lights up backwards from what I can see. Happy tho!


Glad you got it working. I put mine on the back burner for awhile till I have the brain capacity to debug it.