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Mutable Instruments is all about open source, it’s all in their Github repositories, but all their schematics and PC board layout files are in EAGLE’s older binary format which KiCad cannot import. I decided open source is pretty much bullshit if you can’t look at the files without a subscription to software you otherwise don’t even want. (And I certainly don’t otherwise want Fusion 360, which is now the only way to get EAGLE. There isn’t a Linux version, so I have it on my old Mac, where it runs like a constipated hippopotamus. Ugh. You can get Fusion 360 for free, but for only one year; after that it’s $100 a year.) So:

I made forks of several of the Mutable Instrument repositories:

For all but the first of these, the forked repositories are identical to the original except that I read all the .brd and .sch files into Fusion 360 and then exported them in EAGLE XML format. So they now can be imported by KiCad. And I added a sentence saying so to the README file. For the breadboard-friends repository I did that, but also added a folder containing KiCad versions of the projects, and I added a KiCad-only adaptation of bbf-eurojacks for Thonkiconn jacks.

Mutable has a bunch of other repositories but these looked like the five of most interest to me. If you’re a KiCad user, have a look.


The Startup/Hobbyist license has to be renewed after a year, but afaik (based on having had one for more than a year) as long as you still fulfill the “small startup” (if commercial) or non-commercial personal use (if hobbyist) requirements it’s still free (until they change the conditions, that is).

(Didn’t even know they had added Eagle to the bundle (!), but apparently I have an “EAGLE - Premium” license. Haven’t checked if it’s installed by default.)


Thanks, I think you’re correct although it’s not made crystal clear by the website.

What they do state clearly is “EAGLE is now only available with a Fusion 360 subscription”. And Fusion 360 is a bloated pig.

You’re a god damn hero!

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you can download eagle separately by the looks, you just need the username and password

Download EAGLE | Free Download | Autodesk

Eagle also is restricted to size it seems:
“Included with a Fusion 360 for personal use subscription, EAGLE free download is a limited version for hobbyists including 2 schematic sheets, 2 signal layers, and an 80cm2 (12.4in2) board area.”