Easyeda2kicad converter

Anyone familiar with this converter: GitHub - wokwi/easyeda2kicad: Convert EasyEDA designs to KiCad EDA ?

Any experiences, good or bad?

No but I might try it tomorrow, I have a few EasyEDA designs I would like to move into Kicad

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I’ve used it to convert to a Kicad PCB layout, but at the time it didn’t have support for schematics, so obviously there are limitations. I forget which module I converted now but i would expect it wasn’t something too complex

I’ve had some success doing the same with Eagle to Kicad too, just importing the brd into Kicad via kicads menus.

exporting from diptrace to brd, then importing brd into kicad… doesn’t work so well though, as I found out in a somewhat expensive experiment.

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In the KiCad 7.99 nightly, so presumably coming in KiCad 8 early in 2024:


That looks promising! I’m not a KiCad user althought I’ve looked at it a few times. Has this import facility always been there? And does it work well?

[Edit] Not being a user I’ve not kept track of updates. I’ve found that my version is 5.1.7, so quite old. It can import “EAGLE CAD” only.