MFOS Echo FXXX Build and Demo

Hi all,
I just did a video with a build and demo of the Music from Outer Space Echo FXXX delay module. Hope you get a kick out of this! Gonna do an analog spring reverb video in the next week or so.



Ray Wilson was a great close friend of mine, he would be overjoyed to what you have done here and all this video shows, I am impressed too.


Do you have the lmnc splashback as well? I have both, totally different flavor

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SYNTHGUY57, thanks very much for the kind words. I’m a big fan of Ray’s work, and I really wish I’d had the chance to meet him. I have built around 10 of his modules so far and they are all incredibly solid and musical. I plan on doing a lot more videos about MFOS modules, and I’ll be releasing one on his voltage controlled Spring Reverb very soon.

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I don’t have a triple splashback, but I’d love to hear your thoughts on it. I’ve built plenty of LMNC on stripboard but sadly after ordering some PCBs from him I learned my case doesn’t quite fit the standard and the official PCBs don’t fit between my rails.

Not a big problem, it will soon be full and the next one will be on spec :slight_smile:

It’s already full, but I built a second one identical to the first because I’d already made 20+ modules in my own format and now I’m committed to my own pseudo-kosmo standard, hahah. I do think my modules would fit a standard kosmo, but standard kosmo doesn’t fit mine because I’m using aluminum 20/20 extrusion for the rails. It has some advantages but I’m not actually sure I’d recommend it over plain old wood.

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