MFOS Voltage Controlled Analog Spring Reverb

I did a demo of the MFOS VC Spring Reverb module. It’s got a few quirks but I think it sounds awesome.

I tried skipping the build montage this time - I’m still messing with format and trying to learn the best way to go about this. Hope you guys enjoy! It’s a worthwhile build if you are considering it, just make sure to read about the necessary kludges.


WesleyV , where are these links for kludges and such . thanks , what other mfos modules have you built?

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Hi Synthguy,
If you are looking to build one of these, the following links should have everything you need:

In addition to the reverb and delay I’ve done videos on, I have also built the 24DB low pass OTA filter, 2 of the 12DB multi mode OTA filters, a wave freaker, 2 of the dual VCA modules, the CV gate expander, the “delayed modulation” module (which is basically an envelope, LFO, and VCA normalled into each other), the VC LFO, and the VC sample and hold (which I modded to have a white noise source normalled to the input), and I’ve built two of his auto-wah guitar pedals as well as the sub-commander (which is probably the most complicated build I’ve ever done). Oh, and also the stereo auto panner, which I still need to do a bit of calibration on. They are all workhorses with great documentation that helped me learn a ton. I also have PCB’s that I haven’t built yet for two of the dual AD/AR generators, the ring modulator, and the quad timbre bank, as well as a second wave freaker. I might have another PCB or two laying around but I think that about covers it for my MFOS stuff. Now that I took the time to count them all up, I suppose that’s 16 completed projects, with 5 more on the way. I didn’t realize I’d built so much MFOS! At some point I’d love to get my hands on the stereo mixer, phase shifter, vocoder, and maybe some of his single-board synths now that my trouble shooting skills have improved somewhat. But I can’t really justify the expense yet when I have 5 more MFOS projects and 3 or 4 AI Synth projects still waiting to be finished.

Spending so many hours building these MFOS projects has certainly made me feel a sense of connection with someone I’ll never meet. You don’t stack up 20+ MFOS PCBs without seeing the amount of love that Ray put into making them. I certainly find the man inspiring, and I find it sort of bitter sweet every time I finish one of his module. When I started seeing that the links on the MFOS website were breaking and the sound samples were no longer available, I thought it might be worthwhile to put up a few of my own so people can still hear these things and decide if they want to take the journey themselves.


I would like to see the other stripboard layouts you were talking about.
Greetings THOGRE


Ray Wilson left us a legacy and continues to inspire.

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