Troubleshooting #2399 Triple Splashback

I just built the Triple Splashback to add to the rig after building a few other successful kosmo modules. I’ve had minimal issues with past builds, but something isn’t right with the splashback and I can’t seem to pin point it.
The module powers on, all LEDs work and seem to flash with adjusting the delay times but the audio signal is not passing through the output- effected or bypass. I hear a slight noise coming out and that is all.
I checked all polarity on polarized components, and am confident resistors and cap are all the right value. I used wire and molex connector to connect the jack board because I couldn’t find/ didn’t purchase the right 8 pin header. That connection looks proper as well.
Any ideas on what I could do next to get this thing going?

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It looks at first glance like you have not soldred the tip on the jacks only the tip-normal


:open_mouth: I think you’re right! After looking inside this 5 pin jack, I see the configuration. Most others I’ve built have use 3 pin jacks. Kinda though they were supports, did’t think too much about it, now it makes sense, lol! How foolish! :smiley:
Thanks for the reply!


Nice catch!

20 chara


That was it. Thanks again!


Yes! Saved me a big headache from a careless mistake!

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Did you get those chips from AliExpress? I think those are fakes, I’m curious how they handle. I got some fakes and some legit ones, I’m going to do some tests once my pots come in.

EDIT: On second look, those might be legit as they’ve got the indents. The fakes don’t.

Yea, they have the indent. Got them from Tayda.