Meta: important news about imgur picture hosting

This was posted to Fedi, and it concerns anybody who may have relied on image hosting for posts on this or any other website. You have less than one month from today to take action to preserve data. A related announcement is Here.

Starting May 15, Imgur is instituting a ban on any images containing nudity, pornographic, or otherwise “mature” content. They’ll also purge any images not uploaded by a registered account.

So all those images of guides, how-tos, and examples? Those will disappear. I suspect this is going to have an effect on websites like GitHub and GitLab where folks have used Imgur to host the images in their projects’ README files.

Even worse, there will be a massive loss of images of protests, government corruption, and citizen journalism. Many of those photos were uploaded anonymously to protect the creator.


Do people actually do that? Seems unnecessarily complicated. I just include the images in the repo.


Dang, thanks for the heads up. I use imgur as a utility for quick anonymous uploads all the time.


@analogoutput ,

Me too, images are in my documentation folder in Git Hub

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