I got banned, I think

I was notified by youtube, that there was a new potentially interesting video. So I had a look.
It turns out the video shows a small oscilliscope based on an oled display:

The display and controls looked kinda familiar to me. So I asked in the comments whether it was based on the DIY Oled Display on this web page in Japanese that I myself have built and written about here.

The question disappeared from the page within a few minutes.
Entering the question a second time had the same result.

I got banned, I think…


did you include a link? that is strictly forbidden on youtube, I think the channel owner can approve them but they are hidden by default, they won’t even see them on the yt phone app I don’t think


Yes, I did include a link, and no I did not know that adding links is not allowed to commenters.

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It is also common to have problems posting comments on YT.
I had this problem and while searching online saw that I was not the only one
but … ?

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ok, it’s almost certainly that, nothing to be worried about :slight_smile:

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@Jos this weekend has seen a lot of internet services having issues because of a few Important fiber connections were accidentally dug up.

You see this with services reliant on cloud infrastructure, including YouTube.


In my town one year the water went brown for about a week because the building contractors dug up a water main. The fountain went higher than the lamp posts.

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And I thought clouds where in the sky and immune to dug up cables/fibers… :slight_smile: