Mail Day Thread

would love to get one but the shipping is as much as the shirt .

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My cost benefit analysis clearly says buy all the Kosmos.


dude… how did i miss the shirt. ugh.
i just ordered the twin t drum - and payed out the ass for the shipping… definitely cant do that again with the shirt.


@lookmumnocomputer - is there any way to reserve a 2XL shirt until I order again?
They only offer tracked shipping now and its 32 USD… :’(
Can’t spend 60 bucks on just a shirt… and I already own everything else LOL

  • I ask this because fat guy sizes always sell out first :stuck_out_tongue:

$32 shipping is definitely a show stopper kind of thing. For comparison I just checked, for a Eurorack full kit from Thonk:

  • FedEx International Priority Pak (3-7 days): £11.01
  • Royal Mail / USPS Tracked 1-4 weeks): £9.62

There was no cheaper un-tracked shipping option this time, and bundling items just added to the cost.

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Maybe a fairer comparison would be shipping charges on a couple PCBs and a 5U x 2U front panel from soundtronics:

  • International Express £19.95
  • International Air Mail Post Tracking £16.95
  • International Air Mail Post £11.95

thats a lot yeah let me see what is going on with the postage. I wonder why its sky rocketed.

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ill ask, so has it changed quite dramatically since pre Brexit to the US?

I have half of the batch of t-shirts at the museum and there are some XL’s there. so if all goes pear shaped ill send those over! ill make sure to put 2 aside.

I’ve asked today about shipping I just want to get my head around it and see if there is anything that can be done, possibly the weight on the website on the XL t-shirts is wrong, or set a tad high, to be honest 2 XL t-shirts is 400grams. but yeah like @analogoutput thats about the same as a couple of smaller pcb and front panel weight is comparable.

ive also asked if we can add an untracked option, I think it has been removed because at the start of the year the delays were mounting up due to the Brexit changes, which caused a lot of delayed packages and resends which ended up being quite an expensive bunch of mistakes, not just for the look mum shop but across the board on the 100 percent merch service.

but I’m seeing what can be done


right got an answer about tracking V none tracking.

the problem is actually the covid surcharge at the minute, it makes the cost of none tracked near enough the same as tracked with this surcharge so they said it made sense to leave it off for now. so the good news is it’ll be back and its not all Brexit shenanigans.

I’m still figuring it out as I’m curious, just working out what the difference has actually been etc


that’s ok Sam , no fault of yours . the thought is also , given the environmental impact of shipping stuff all over the planet it should cost a lot . It just kinda sucks in this situation I like the shirt and want to support your museum etc. but just can’t justify $60 tee shirt .


yeah its all good!! it is a lot just for a t-shirt I dont blame you and thats fine! I’m seeing what I can do anyway. but there will still be these t-shirts about when other things come in, if they do go out of stock which I’m not sure if will! I have a bunch here at the museum and even on top of that ill get more. so all good. but I’m asking anyways atm.


That leaves unexplained why there are tracked and non tracked shipping options from Thonk and Soundtronics that seem to be substantially lower than what 100% is charging. Maybe the comparison between Thonk’s full Eurorack kit and LMNC’s drum module kit isn’t entirely fair but I think the PCBs and 5U panel from Soundtronics represents a decent approximation to the drum module kit, and they’re offering £11.95 untracked and £16.95 tracked options, in addition to the £19.95 express option which is comparable to the $32 charge by 100% (though still a bit lower).


thats what I’m still trying to figure out with them. like mentioned asking for a comparison. And may very well inquire More about the untracked option,
but the beginning of this year there were an alarmingly larger amount of orders going missing, and I can imagine that was happening across all online stores. But ill see what can be done.

But the figures you are saying for soundtronics is not super far off the tracked option is still 25 dollars (converted from £ for best comparison) and the express is 30 dollars. So the price is not a million miles off, only talking about a couple of bucks. Still a lot across the board mind!

They may not have updated the postage and taken the hit themselves or possibly not aware of this, or even come under the bulk surcharge threshold thingy. hopefully this stupid surcharge thing will end soon.

as for 100 percent the company that runs my store they would personally take the hit not me if they hadn’t adjusted it.
So they deal with multiple musician online merch stores and have updated postage accordingly across the board.
I was aware of this. However I hadn’t realised how high it made it for the US.

Now I know so I’m just figuring out what best can be done.

Im looking into it because yes the main kicker in this conversation is the lack of an un tracked option.


another thing is its hopefully sorted soon as it was all down to a big old mess at the start of the year its surely all but pretty much sorted itself out, so no idea why couriers are still doing the charges. maybe its cus they can. frustrating to say the least


@lookmumnocomputer oh by 2XL i mean - XXL lol.
m fat. :stuck_out_tongue:
And thank ya :slight_smile:


Need to get some poly caps…


so after chatting with hundred percent a bit of back and forth, seems like yeah they are doing what they can. compared to before this whole suurcharge stuff its remarkably lower. mainly for shipping to the US. so if you cant stomach the extra few bucks. just give it a month or so and hopefully it will be back down to normal. Stuff will still be about :slight_smile: sorry about that!


wheeyyy. yeah poly are definitely worth the fuss! its a noticeable improvement!