My first Synth build is complete!

I know it’s Eurorack, and the community is geared toward more DIY stuff, but this was my first foray in to the world of synthesis, and I intend to move more in the DIY direction moving forward.

I ordered my first modules on November 6, and I’ve been piecing this together a bit at a time since then.

I call it: The Dídilibox (pronounced deedly box). Here’s the link to the build on modular grid:

The Dídilibox is an 81 HP Eurorack build in a custom powered case. The case’s exterior is a US army issued camp stove tin from 1944, powered with the Frequency central power supply and a scratch built busboard.

Here it is in action. This is a little groove I slapped together last night taking it on a victory lap.

It took longer than I wanted and was harder than I expected. Probably a bit too ambitious for a first attempt, but the hard way is the way I tend to learn best. I learned a lot and I’m looking forward to my next project which will either be a VCO, VCA, or VCF built from the ground up.

Enjoy, and thanks again to those of you that talked me down from using a TRS jack to connect the PSU!


Excellent DIY case!


Thank you! I’m pretty happy with the way it came out. I can rationalize spending a couple hundred dollars on a module, but I couldn’t stomach the idea of dropping $300 on a box, and they don’t even make them look cool!

It may have taken a while, but even with international shipping on some of the parts I still paid less than $150 to put it together. Plus it’s got style and character you can’t put a price tag on!


When you mentioned your case was going to be a camp stove tin from ww2 i had to see it. This thing looks great! delightfully chirpy!


Love it. Good work my friend!


Good work, and nothing wrong with Eurorack!

A lot of DIY uses Eurorack format anyway.

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Brilliant! Love its cheeky sound!

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