Kosmonuts music compilation project?

A new thread for an idea who come from another thread :grinning:

it might be fun to create a compilation of tracks from members of this forum with our diy modular synth. maybe just a virtual album version to download …?

who would be interested in participating (musically and / or otherwise)?

is that we propose a global theme (a concept idea, a tone, maximum time :slightly_smiling_face:…?) or totaly free ?

if people are interested and we start/try the project, we need someone to master the tracks, someone here ?

work on a visual for the cover ?

If you have any ideas …



This sounds like an awesome idea!
100% would be down to assist in some way


Man I really need to figure out a good way to record cause this sounds fun. Maybe I’ll order up an audio interface.


I highly recommend the focusrite scarlett 2i2, it served me as a great interface for ages


I would be interested. My modular (I think I am not alone here) is limited at the moment, but I should be able to work with what I have.

I think a theme might be good, but I think it shouldn’t be a strict enforcement. Something like a general idea or concept, and let people run with it. As long as you are using your DIY modular, that should be the focus. I know that since mine is so limited, I will need to record many times and use digital effects and post processing in a DAW. To me, that should be fine. After all, the fun in this project is to use what we have made ourselves.

My proposed theme idea: Space. :space_invader: :rocket: :star2: :stars: :alien: :last_quarter_moon_with_face:

It should be easy enough to make tracks that align with that theme, and its open enough that one has a lot of creative room.


I would be interested too!


I would be interested. My talent (I think I am not alone here) is limited at the moment, but I should be able to work with what I have.


Depending on when you were going to have people submit music by I would be interested. I’ve been redoing my entire studio and nowhere near ready to use my modular in my projects yet. Trying to figure out all of the new routing is a pain.

@CTorp For what it’s worth, I have used many different audio interfaces over the years and I would second the recommendation for the Focusrite Scarlett. I have the 18i8 but you wouldn’t need more than the 2i2 unless you think you would need additional audio inputs.


cool i like it !

nobody know that for the moment :slightly_smiling_face:
we have no dead time, it’s our project

like @Caustic and @devicex said, make with what you have, it’s just for fun and music .

for the moment maybe : @popflier / @devicex / @zorch / @GhostBassist / @CTorp / @Caustic / @Dud / @Jos
cool !


@ChristianBloch and @jos both need in on this :slight_smile:


I’d love to give this a go! Have to work out how to get a decent recording out of my system, but doing this might actually make me work that lol


I ordered one! Now I’ll have to figure out how to DAW again. Been about 10 years…


I use Reaper mostly, have used Cubase in the past


This sounds like fun. I’m in, if I’m allowed. My modular however does not have any sound sources. It consists of effect units only like reverb, wave folder, wave shaper, vocoder, sub bass, valve casters etc. all of which I build myself. The sounds come from hardware synths. I hope that is allowed too.


I can help you if you need it. I’ve worked in Cubase since before it was called Cubase and it was just VST.

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If I’m allowed then ANYone can get in! XD


The original idea was to make a compilation of tracks made with our DIY modular gear.

That said, i know a lot of us are mid-journey on that front (myself included). It would be all too easy to make something with just VSTs instead, but the fun of this is to create something with what we made DIY style.

Personally, i think this means that you dont need to have a full modular setup to participate, but you should aim to make something that highlights what you have made as a central point, rather than an auxiliary.

We could also open up this project to just allow any type of musical submission that fits the theme. I have opened a poll to get the gist of how people feel about this. To be honest, this would be fun to do regularly.

What should this project be about?
  • Pure DIY Modular, can record in DAW but thats all.
  • DIY modular only, but can add post processing effects and can manipulate the recording.
  • Anything goes: Mix of DIY modular soundsources, software, or other hardware.

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I have zero usable DAW/recording experience and questionable musical talent but I hope to learn a little and have some fun. “Space” is a great theme btw. I think I can make all the parts I would need for a song but learning to put them together in DAW will be new for me.

I say anything goes , everybody has different goals afterall. maybe just share some some insight on your patches/work flow


Id have to get busy, going to buy more wood tomorrow for a fresh attempt at a case with the new jigsaw. Build the buss board and finish off 3 panels… lol also learn how to use the BS pro i got. i also doubt i have enough patch cables at the moment.
got no drum modules yet either, so id have to use Sunvox (modular style DAW) and my arduino drumpads.

little fish in a big pond of unknown. =]


THIS sums me up…

I bought a 240 dollar interface that I have still yet to figure out how to hook up to ableton…

speaking of ableton… thats the most expensive thing I have ever bought that I have absolutely no idea how to use… :upside_down_face: :upside_down_face: