KOSMO Setup pics

Welcome. Though im looking at 3d printing im still very much old school of drawing on paper. Taping to panel and drilling. It’s less neat but that’s never bothered me and I can get on with finishing quicker. Good luck. Plenty of advice and support here.


For 3D printing, there is this :


For designing panels i use Blender, but ive been unconventional and designed them to be 130mm rather than Kosmo format 200mm (Probs wont work with euro format [128.5mm] either)
Im willing to have a blast at remaking panels in Kosmo format if there’s an expected PCB size. I imagine most will fit into 100mm HP and my layouts would have to be agreed on by the community =)

I have made a bunch of Kosmo blanks you could use as a base tho if you can convert them for your program (or learn a few blender things)
Kosmo Blanks

I made a 8-step panel that would work in either Kosmo or my format by rotating it =)
Apparently i didnt upload it to Thingie. Ill upload it now and see if you can/want to use that. i did make it for 12mm buttons, see what you think.
Kosmo 8-Step Panel.

Oh, and… Welcome to the forum =)


If I’m just using some cheap recycled wood, (I get the cigar boxes that are thrown away at liquor stores they are fine with it) I just drill and eyeball after using a ruler.

I have also used pcb fabrication to make front panels.

See the threading this:

One thing I would add is adding a copper fill to give more rigidity.


Thank you for the link to the post and the welcome Dud! Glad to start learning with folks here. That’s definitely the path I was looking for regarding dimensions and specs. Going to spend some time and read through that and get smart on it. Was thinking about the graph paper layout too for saving time, but had the CAD/printer thing pop into my brain. :smile:


I draw my panels in Inkscape, then either pull them into KiCad for FR4 fabrication, or print them to paper for use as drilling templates. I have an Inkscape doc I use as a template with common hole/component/knob sizes etc. as given here:


All the suggestions from everyone and the warm welcomes are great and very much appreciated. Same thing with all the input and suggestions! Pretty dope. :100:

I just had a quick look at Kicad. Looks cool! Need to download it and get familiar with it. I have InkScape plus the synth builder plugin too. Only problem though is InkScape runs so slow on my machine it was driving me nuts. Had me looking at the CAD route since I’m only looking to print drilling/cutout guides for the time being. Although, I wish I could get the InkScape thing moving better so I can turn my daughter loose to make some cool art to put on my project panels. I’m am simply not gifted in that way. Not my strong point. :grin:

I do like the idea of using various materials for interfaces too! The cigar box idea is definitely dope. Would like to play with some colored acrylic too for fun (Makes me think of the old Ludwig Vistalight Drum Kits).


Don’t know what hardware/OS you use but I’ve always found Inkscape to be plenty fast enough on whatever I’ve run it on — Linux and Mac, in both cases far from bleeding edge hardware. If it’s slow for you there may be some configuration problem to be dealt with.


@analogoutput It’s a windows 10 machine. Laptop is a few years old but it’s fairly beefy. I think you’re right. I need to spend some quality time and dig deeper into it. If I could some how get the pretty stuff done there and my drill/shop guides from Kicad or Libre that would be a sweet setup to get this part of the builds done smoothly.

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Hey! Where did you find that Brainds in kosmo,size please?


@d42kn355 made the faceplates for converting a euro module:

Braids to KOSMO Conversion Panels - and a Question!

@sebastian is working on a clone:


Coming together slowly, but making noises already.
Temporary frame to test the system, still debugging the diy stuff (lfos and ad/ar).

2x Performance vcos
1x performance filter
1x simple mixer
1x buffered mult
1x quad vca mixer

1x Dual passive attenuator
1x safety valve
1x switched mult, with 2 linkable banks of 2 busses.
I added a little “inject” minijack to turn one bank into a 1>4 mult.
This goes with my Dual LFO module. The idea is to patch one lfo to PWM and Pitch of the 2 oscillators at the flick of a switch.

1x Dual System100 LFO

1x dual “simple envelope” stripboard
The idea it to have trigger input 1 normalled to input 2 so I can trigger both envelopes with one signal if necessary, saving on a mult.
Then I added 2 parallel outputs.

I’m keeping a bottom row eurorack size as for now the behringer PSU is sufficient and I have the doepfer send-return module and have ordered an erica synths pico voice.


Thanks! will look into it.


I’ve been putting in a lot of hours on the bench lately,

I’m proud to say, everything in this picture works; and almost half of it is property calibrated.

Now I’m just waiting for everyone in my band to get their vaccine. I can’t wait to jam I’m person again .


nice ! wish I could say the same just been building , now I need to do a lot of trouble shooting / calibrating .


Looks so good! Wow!


What are those 5 modules on the right in the middle (full sized) row?


Great achievements, whhhouua many big series of each !

impatient to hear him roar

:lion: :tiger:

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Those are Frequency Central White Face VCFs. I used jumper cables to attach them to Kosmo sized panels. I have one still on the bench I’m still trouble shooting.

My two goals for the system was 1. To build giant playground of basic circuits, in the same vein as the early modular systems like a Roland 500 or a moog.

And the second was to have the ability to do 6 voice polyphony; because I have a crazy idea to build a cv guitar with 6 lasters to trigger notes and capacitive touch switches on the neck.

That second part is a long way off, but in the mean time this rack is gonna be a lot of fun on its own.


I’ve done a lot with guitar synths and hex pickups. Mostly GK pickups. I too have plans for my ultimate guitar with soft pots and capacitive touch. I’ve used resistive touch screens in the past for some mods.
Not heard of lasters, can you explain?