The V0.1.0 of the KOSMO-POLY6-VCA is almost off to print, it’s basically a near clone of the 1181, x3 but with the volume knob removed.

It’s got Jack input’s but they are probably pointless.

It will get the audio mix from the KOSMO-POLY6-MIX, and the Envelope from the KOSMO-POLY6-ADSR

Just realised OI have missed of the Text for the input jacks and it’s with JLC already.

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i have noticed an error straight away, the IDC for the CV is labeld CV_OUT instead of CV_IN. Electricaly it’s ok, but when laying out the PCB the socket was put to the right of the board.

I am blocked though as my draw of TL074’s is empty and the slow boat from china is commin up to a month at sea…

I found the 74’s on the bench later in the day, I must have forgotten they had arrived.

Anyway, it was a fairly straight forward build only taking about 4 hrs. After sorting out a few issues with ribbon cables and some unfinished interconnects on the other modules it was time to test.

And it worked as planned! There may be a bit of noise but will see if it’s just due to clipping on the Mix and VCA.

I now have a 1 channel poly synth! Time to build more sub boards for the Mix and ADSR.


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