Kosmo series 500?

Hey everyone,

This is a grainy picture of my rack:

It’s sad and empty. I don’t use many rack modules, i only built it because i had a pile of rack modules on the floor. I’m going to add a patchbay to make it easier to use and also connect my mixers/multitrack to it.

Since i have a ton of schematics saved for things i never really built, like mic preamps, compressors and stuff, i thought it would be a nice idea to make some 500 series style kosmo modules.

Has anyone made their own kosmo style recording equipment before?
It could be either great or terrible, but with some care maybe a very cool system could be built.

Specification wise i was thinking kosmo format with 150v for tube modules, 500 series connections are mostly on the back of the case, so it would have big jacks and/or xlr’s at back.

Maybe d-sub connectors to connect the modules to the case, they aren’t too bad to solder and you can buy pre wired ribbon cables.
It could also be a cool platform for some diy kits.

I’d love to hear your opinions on this :slight_smile:

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Ok i’m going to kick it off anyway :slight_smile:

Here’s a microphone booster based on euroelectrons pleiades v6.
I’ve added the in’s and output to the front for this one.
I like the concept of underheated tubes with pull-up bias. It’s based on the legendary u47 microphone.