KOSMO-POLY6-MIX ( Voltage controlled X-Fade CrossFade )

This is the start of the Voltage controlled crossfader for my POLY6 Build

6 of these modules will go on a main board.

Original Discussion…

Voltage controlled pan circuit - Everything Else - Look Mum No Computer Thingies


Do you prefer resistors standing up?
It seems like there should be enough space to lie at least most of them down.
When I solder resistors standing up, I’m always afraid of overheating the short end.

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It’s generally a space issue, trying to get things compact, not so much of a problem on this one. No real worry about heat, never had a problem.



Lots of dead space on this board… Just notices an omision thouh…

The mix is out for printing, will take a couple of weeks to do. Realy not sure how well or if it will work. Time to crack on with the VCA…

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Well something aint right, I get both signals out the mix ( which is good I guess ) but no Pan/Fade … Not looked at it yet, been fixing other projects ( at least they all got fixed :wink: )

Stoked to see how this one turns out. Hope you get the kinks worked out without too much trouble

Not solved it yet… Have this one to sort out…

The connector between the mainboard and the 6 mixer boards…

how is +12V -12V and GND supposed to get to the mixer board… DOH!


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Err, this needs a jumper if the PG programmer is not used… It even says “Link to PG programmer - Link if unused”

This is the snap out control board, yeah that’s a -12v right on the left you snap out…

Proper Friday afternoon job this one…

I think it’s working with some bodged power feeds, unfortunatly the PWM on the DCO has stopped working so it’s not yet conclusive. I do think there will be some tweaking of levels to get it a full swing but it sort of looked promising.

Just thinking on it now, if it does work then adding CV of the wave mix could be interesting…

The mixer is probably going to be surplus in the next itteration as I expect having more than the two waves, but it’s an excercise.

Well, apart from a little tweaking of levels, some Issues ( See Dumbass thread). It actually works.

I ordered 10 of the sub board though when I did the order, should have just gone for the minimum 5 and expected a fudge up…

Guess I just build the other 5 required and do a bunch of bodgery…


6 mixers waiting to go, i have sort of elegantly fixed my power supply mistake utilising a disused pin header , it will be more clear once installed on the mainboard. Awaiting some standoffs to space the boards.


spotted this whilst starting to re design the board… glad i did as it may have been a head scratcher


Been a bit slow on this the last few week as been busy with other stuff.

Mixers all fixed and the cludge power buss is almost done…

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