KOSMO POLY6 Releases

Based on the work I have been doing to convert @JKB Jan’s Pico based 6 voice Synth, converting it to Kosmo and add in my own twists. This will be the home for the links to the published work ( rather than the project thread.

Master POLY6 Page POLY6



    • [GITHUB]
    • [Project Thread]






  • [KOSMO-POLY6-PG] … Store and recall up to 32 parameters from the POLY6 controls.


Thanks for putting all the effort into it and to Kosmofy it!!1!!

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The heart of the beast remains the same but there’s a lot of deviation. It’s been a step up from my previous works. Been keeping me busy.



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Still waiting on the ADSR to turn up from China.

I am slowly getting on with the Mix module whilst doing lots of other stuff. And also made a start on thinking about the PG “Programmer” Module. I had to do a couple of slight re-works on the DCO and ADSR to facilitate the PG.

I found on my last delivery of PCB’s that my assumption of adding the FAB layers to the Plots would negate me having to swap Fab for Silks in the PCB… Well we all know what Assume Makes… Best re-plot everything.