KOSMO POLY6 Releases

Based on the work I have been doing to convert @JKB Jan’s Pico based 6 voice Synth, converting it to Kosmo and add in my own twists. This will be the home for the links to the published work ( rather than the project thread.

Master POLY6 Page POLY6

  • KOSMO-POLY6-PICO-DCO ( Working )


    • [GITHUB]
    • [Project Thread]
  • KOSMO-POLY6-JACKS ( Working )

  • KOSMO-POLY6-ADSR… ( Working Partialy, waiting on parts )

  • [KOSMO-POLY6-MIX]… ( Sent To JLC )




  • [KOSMO-POLY6-PG] … Store and recall up to 32 parameters from the POLY6 controls.


Thanks for putting all the effort into it and to Kosmofy it!!1!!


The heart of the beast remains the same but there’s a lot of deviation. It’s been a step up from my previous works. Been keeping me busy.



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Still waiting on the ADSR to turn up from China.

I am slowly getting on with the Mix module whilst doing lots of other stuff. And also made a start on thinking about the PG “Programmer” Module. I had to do a couple of slight re-works on the DCO and ADSR to facilitate the PG.

I found on my last delivery of PCB’s that my assumption of adding the FAB layers to the Plots would negate me having to swap Fab for Silks in the PCB… Well we all know what Assume Makes… Best re-plot everything.

Seems I can no longer edit the original post. The VCA is all but ready to print.

The ADSR works ok as far as I can tell.

The Mixer is on it’s way from China.

Once the VCA arrives then that should be a fully functional 6 note synth in it’s basic form.

Waiting on 8pin ,14 dip sockets as well as 72’s and 74’s…

Best check my stock of VCA’s!..

1 spare :frowning: best order another pair.

The link does not seem to be attached.

VCA not published as yet, hopefully in 2-3 weeks will have the boards

Taking shape.

Need to build 5 more ADSR sub boards and 5 more mixer sub boards,

Aparently the VCA has been delivered today , but did not see it? Will have to check when i get home again


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I think once the VCA is done, I will work back through everything and remove the surplus jacks , unify the logos, unify the power LED size and locations etc. may be able to squeeze down the size as bit.

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Well, I finished off the VCA today, and it works pretty much as expected. Or at last it does on the one channel that can get a signal from the mixer. There is some slight noise, but that may be clipping if the gain is too high.

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I ordered 5 revised ADSR boards form JLC, i thought I may as well wait and build 5x correct ones than build 4x slightly wrong ones and still have to wait on one good one.

The Mixers are all but built x5 , with the power issues being sorted somewhat elegantly.

I am somewhat torn now, the Poly6 was a challenge, a PoC and I can sort of see the shortcomings that have Driven Jan and CraigyB to move to inclusive voice cards instead.

I would like to get a workign filter, MS20 one perhaps but even the LMNC one I built 3 years ago did not seem to work.

I think I will try the ElectridDruid DCO and then move to the voice card idea but try to keep it in the Kosmo Format.

oh and it’s time to go on a diet.

Well yes I need to loose a couple of stone, but these modules don’t need the jacks and they waste space, money and only add a little limited functionality… So they will go.

cool!!! looks great!

Revised ADSR boards turned up today, will crack on with them wilst waiting for parts to finish the mixer build

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Well typicaly for me I get 90% done and the final 10% starts to take ages. I blame it on the weather as it’s been warm in the workshop, and aftre a warm days work I am tired. And if I have energy there’s car’s to fix. But I have built the 1008…

But the main reason I think is being scared the extra 5 channels of ADSR and MIX are not going to work, they are all built but not installed…



I know the feeling, it’s nearly in the 30s here most days and the workshop is like a furnace, I’m thinking of relocating to the basement. Even with air con it’s hard to get motivated.

I am trying to hone my video editing skills to on Divinci Resolve, so everything I do has an hour or more of edit to add in… and the Video editing rig ( 32 core, 768GB ram , 1060 ) is way overkill and acts like a space heater :slight_smile: … But it was more or less free.

Shhheessh lifes busy. I got everyhting got built but was performing odd. I presumed the PSU was not man enought with some other modules too… and pulling it in and out for testing was a chore… So I started to put it in a test case then