KOSMO Cases Made To Order

so Robin from Modular Perfection got in contact recently asking if I had sorted out a show case for the museum for a kosmo format synth in the interactive zone, Modular perfection make eurorack cases. He fancied his hand at trying to make a kosmo case. After swapping some module stuff today this arrived!

its mad its like a proper eurorack case… but kosmo format!

its spurred on the need to do a module of the keyboard sequencer. which I am working on this week a nice simple one with instead of switches to keep extra component cost down for builders serge style touch pads.

ill post a pic and also a vid of it when this showcase synth is done!

for rob Modular Perfection info check here :-


so yeah sounds like now he is doing both eurorack and kosmo format! which is fab :D.


obviously this case actually spurs on some design decisions for control modules such as sequencer etc. jacks low to allow for the angle. angles is damn good! my woodworking stops at cutting straight lines (sort of straight lines) so yeah this has opened up a whole lot of funky!


that’s nice. very nice…

I am going to build a big new case this weekend hopefully… Me and straight lines don’t get on well… Obviously a Robin with more talent for cabinet making than myself…



Wow! That is REALLY nice! I love it. I wish I could blink and have it suddenly appear in my studio. :slight_smile: I desperately need a Kosmo case.

He should sell plans for international customers so they can send them to a CNC router company in their perspective countries to have them made.


Looks handmade to me!

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Oh it definitely looks handmade. I was just saying he should also create plans of his designs and make them for sale as well so that people could make them themselves or get them done by a CNC router, but only for international customers so he keeps his local business. I say that because shipping of that to the US would be so expensive. We were just quoted $75 for shipping from the UK to here for something that’s about that half that size and weight (also wood.)

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These are dang flash. Wish I could commission them, but in the US.

SOO loooking forward to the sequencer!

I think my girlfriend would hate me less if I had one for these!

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My options still remain only DIY as I live where the shipping of these would prohibit them practically. I’m admiring the funky look though.

-Fumu / Esopus

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