Modular perfection cases

robin just sent some pics over of a case he sent flat pack over to Germany looks pretty snazzy. im not sure if he is on here or not so I figured id share here! I wonder if who bought it is on here?


here’s another one thats out in the wild. I wonder who owns these? :smiley:


Builing a 3 row case for the same guy and this one will flip upside down and sit atop of the 3 row which is going to create a monster case!!


hahaha thats gunna be mad!

Amazing looking cases, fine craftsmanship! How will you prevent the upside down case from toppling over? Is it fixed to the case under it?

Yeah, the 2 row case will sit on top of the 3 and there will be a pair of long aluminium strips that will screw into the back and as the 3 row case is wider at the bottom it should all be nice and solid.

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Sounds amazing! One day, one day…

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Ha, me too, I mean I may never get round to building my own Kosmo case… took me long enough to build my own eurorack case…


Theyre awesome! Not as colourful as mine tho =P

Just alot better crafted XD

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These are beautiful.

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Yes very nice !
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They look amazing.
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Just cleaned up this beautiful piece of mahogany that I reclaimed from an old Georgian table so this piece of wood is around 200 years old. The grain and colour is fantastic and there is enough to make a 3 row Kosmo case if any interest.


Thats dang gorgeous!

Reminds me of a friend of mine who takes discarded pianos, salvages the wood, and makes guitars and ukuleles from it. Sometimes with original holes still present.