Christmas gifts?

Hello everyone, I checked the existing topics but don’t really see anything related.

What do you (realistically) want for Christmas?

I’m looking at these options:

A. One of these.
(This one stands out)
(This one stands out)
(This one stands out)

B. A bunch of components, strip boards and maybe a new eurorack case?

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Hi. I’d avoid or be very specific when asking for components. I have a huge sack of passives I’ll never use unless I build a mega watt synth or a personal power station.
Go the wedding list route and crate project lists on vendor sites then share the links.
For as long as I remember friends and family pop by near Christmas with a box of junk, faulty electronics,unwanted instruments and anything with a battery they no longer need. Repairs and repurposed shtuff wends it’s way back in the months that follow.