Have you guys ever heard of axoloti : single board to make any kind of synth / fx / audio "thing"?

Axoloti is such a cool project that I thought you might be interested in it : http://www.axoloti.com/

A 65€ board with midi in, midi out, stereo audio in, stereo audio out, usb midi host support, ten’s of gpio to connect your leds, pots, sensors, switches & displays.

Audio is CD-quality, latency is VERY low.

An audio focused patcher software to program it visually, runs on mac, windows and linux. Once the board is programed, no more computer needed, it runs stand alone, look mum :wink:

And it’s open source. And designed and shipped in Belgium.

Really you have to check this thing. I have 3 in the process of being added to my wip synth, bringing a complete synth voice (can be polyphonic), multi fx, and drums.

Any questions, just ask, I participated in a workshop around it and know my way moderately.


I definitely plan to get a Core at some point.
Through random purchases, I ended up with one of Jonas’ Eurorack Axo conversion kits. lol

By sheer coincidence I’ve just spent the past few hours investigating, among other hybrid systems, Axoloti core. The basic core module is reasonably inexpensive and very powerful.

The system has a very good community and they’re actively building inexpensive synths. Great stuff!

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Here’s that conversion PCB. :slight_smile: