#1148 quad vclfo

so this is something I have been putting together over the past few weeks.

its part of the next big update to the gameboy mega machine which is what I made the 1158 VCADSR for aswell. this is the same sort of concept as its an updated version of the 1145 VCLFO also based electric druid chips. this is possibly like a broken record these modules but in honesty I’m a big fan of those chips and I wanted a more involved version of the LFO for the gameboy mega machine with some routing between multiple modules already pre patched behind the panel, so I figured id make a big quad LFO module for the gameboy machine.

The question I have is, this is quite a big and possibly silly grandiose module, would anyone actually want to build this? or is it stupid? im just gauging interest and deciding wether to stock this beast or leave it for the gameboy megamachine.

also! thanks @analogoutput hope you don’t mind I took your illustrations of the switches for this image haha. If people are not aware a Kosmo style modular grid is being put together, so im going to make sure to put together illustrations of all of the kosmo modules for it in the coming weeks.

this is the site! https://www.kosmodulargrid.com

the forum page about it is here and a big shout out to @jackb for getting it off the ground!

also the design concept I went with on this is what ill be doing with the big mumma delay which I was hoping to have ready by now but in truth the circuit board design of it overwhelmed me, however the method that this is designed around back will make that project much more doable on a 40cm panel, so keep an eye out for that one!


For me personally, this module would be a bit too much. I’d prefer the flexibility of separate modulation source which can be mixed if I so desire. I can see the benefit of many lfos for a big system (though I doubt they all would need to be voltage controlled), but even in that case I’d want them to be more distributed over the system.

Anyway, cool work! The new illustration looks nice!


Ye I agree with TImMJN. A general control voltage source like a quad lfo would be good for a system but probs only needs like 20 % of the knobs and outputs of the vclfo.


yep I figured this is probably one step too far down Ott town. its gunna make the GBMM happy though. its mainly for the 96VCA’s in the mix matrix. but I figured it wouldn’t be much use in something else haha.

but to add the main concept of it is to patch it within itself. so the cv idea is more there to wire between the LFO’s obviously not the only way, but when I made em first I spent hours patching in 4 of the 1145’s into each other, so its just more of a direct version of that.


hello everybody! so I finished a version of this, sheesh kapeesh its a big heavy mumma. I have been umming and aaahing about doing a small run, purely because its big and yeah built for the gameboy megamachine but! it may be of interest for some people. I figured id share this vid on the thread, because who knows maybe seeing it may open up application ideas, anyways let us know. either way all good! its going in the gameboy megamachine regardless :smiley: