Zorch's build progress

Here is my progress so far:

Case: Currently curing so I can finish polishing, though it is wired up so that I have my wall wart, a switch, two FC power supplies, and a ten plug bus board. I have some rubber feet to go on the bottom that need attaching as well as sorting out the exterior power LED - which may or may not ever get hooked up. Also need to pick up a load of screws to hold modules in.

First row:
LFO: Still on the fritz. I have the transistor that I think will fix it sitting in my mouser cart.

Filter: Missing the switch which is also in my mouser cart. Also, I need to figure out which direction to solder in the trim pot.

ADSR: Done! Hopefully? Not sure if my oscillator is on the fritz or if it is this module (more on that below).

Second Row:
CEM 3340 Oscillator: Not sure what happened but the square out gives no signal at all. Also not sure if the CV is working at all. Is there a good way to test this with the ADSR? I think my next project is to take another stab at building this from scratch as I have 2 3340 chips set aside specifically for more oscillators. It would be nice to get one working properly.

Valve Distorting VCA: Circuit board and face plate done. TL01 required and sitting in my Mouser cart.

Passive Attenuator: I did not give the top and bottom plug sockets enough space so they dont quite fit in the rails. Also broke a wire while manhandling it. I think I’ll dremel out some notches for it when it gets a more permanent spot in the case since I like the look of it and would hate to rebuild waste the plate.

Not Pictured:
8 step sequencer:
Need to order a few more jack sockets and finalize the switches I need. Ready to build the circuit board and layout the face plate.

Fart Box!:
I need to assemble this with the parts I have on hand and then check back to see if I need to add anything else to my mouser order. I am still debating on weather or not I want to add it in my case or print an enclosure which would require getting another lug and wall wart.


Today is a VCO build type of day!


Going live and finishing up a laundry list!

  • VCA
  • Filter
  • Sequencer
  • Fart Box

Thanks to @heckseven for some troubleshooting and witnessing my first smoke on stream! That is what happens when you put in your ICs in upside-down. Got the filter done, at least. Also fixed my ADSR - which I didn’t even know was busted.

Sadly the VCA light comes on, but no one is home.


New week new stream! Hopefully finishing up my sequencer today!


I got a new job! This is both good and bad for reasons that I’m sure most people could probably figure out. One downside is how it will cut into my time to be able to stream builds. This makes me sad - but at least I have a big chunk of my build already done. Speaking of…

Along the top are the VCLFO, Filter, and ADSR. I just need some smaller knobs for the VCLFO. On the second row are the two VCO’s, a passive attenuator (also in need of some smaller knobs), the safety valve VCA, and analog output’s 8-step sequencer.

Currently the sequencer has a few bugs to work out: the sixth channel needs a new toggle and the input controls are a little wonky. You can see my poor poor fart box on the bottom shelf next to my mixer. It keeps getting pushed to the bottom of the projects pile.

Next up:
Buffered ulti-multi
A more simple VCA (might get Sam’s)
LFO & Clock divider (looking to perhaps combine these two)
Big button / wav trigger combo
Quantizer (Might get the analog output one if black ever comes back in stock!)
VCO #3 with sine wave.

Then phase three. The secret phase.


more money though, so thats always a good thing. :slight_smile:


Buzzes and blinky lights!


“If the owner of this video has granted you access, please sign in.”
Permission setting issues?

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Whoops! Should be fixed now.


The case also makes for a great storage solution for in progress modules! I bagged up everything and have them waiting for the next mouser/tayda order. From left to right: VCO#3 (which has all parts), clock divider, quantizer, clock capture, big button, and multi.

I’m waiting for the bouncing ball to drop so I can get it along with a second ADSR and the VCA Mixer!


dollar store bins and plastic bags because I ran out of bins .


I’ve slowed down building just a bit - mainly because I suspect I am getting a filter fan for Christmas. I suppose I should be wary of inhaling a lot of lead fumes.

Meanwhile I am attempting to 3d print my first front plate ever and of course me being me, I picked possibly the most complex design to start with.

Some of my holes turned out to be the wrong size and the bottom corner did not adhere to the build surface. I have attempted to print again, but I did not use a ‘raft’ support structure - which turned out to be a mistake. I think I need to just clean down the build plate and try again with a raft.

I have noticed that my filament is ‘slipping’ while printing. Its strange because there is virtually no tension on it at all.

Meanwhile I am taking my time putting the board together. Sadly I dont all of the parts I need - I underestimated how many 104 ceramic resistors this thing was going to take! But I can get most of the rest of it together. I think I am going to move the 100K resistors from the board to the plug side to help me save space and cram everything on.

The line level indicator circuits are neat. Nice and compact looking. I hope they work like I want. I should put them together, but I would like to solder the LED’s in place while its in the plate.


My son bought me one last Christmas. Initially he wanted to buy me that plus an expensive soldering iron but I haggled him down to just the fan. I already have an old school Antex iron. If I ever do get to the point where I have enough time and energy to do a lot of soldering, I’ll reconsider. Having a fan is great, it’s the best stocking filler.


In stead of a raft I’ve successfully used a brim to keep the filament from letting go of the build plate.


still has a cool industrial look to it , be awesome with a metallic / rust like finish .

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Eggnog break!


Eggnog or egg salad? Either is fine but you might have made enough for everybody!


I have been taking a little break from building - mainly while I wait for parts to show up from LMNC, tayda, and mouser. Finally managed to pick up the VCA mixer and bounce modules.

I miss ordered a couple of bits: SMD mount TL074’s instead of through hole and an incorrect capacitor value but thankfully nothing major (or expensive).

The buffered multi works well enough for now, even if there is still cross talk between banks. Hopefully I’ll be able to revisit the metering aspect at a later date, but for now I want to move on to other projects.

I have my clock divider almost done. I still need to do a bit more design work for the faceplate 3d print - particularly the LED sockets. With luck adding a reset switch will be an easy bit when the rest of the core functionality is secure.

Next up, the LMNC VCA/Mixer and K25 series of modules. After that its time for the big button, dual quantizer, sequential switch, bounce, and clock capture module. I have the feeling somewhere in there I will need to be working on a new power supply for all of this. Not to mention the fact that my case is filling up in a hurry! I have ideas for a second angled case under the first one. Hopefully I can learn from all of the mistakes I made in the first one.

On the side I have been attempting to breadboard the passive ring modulator - which I cant seem to get to work for some reason. I also have enough components to make a “Mini-duck”. More on that soon!


VCA/Mixer in and running!

First time I’ve ever had a module work on the first try. I am most pleased right now.