What were they thinking?

Get a load of this footprint:


Dimensions are in inches.

They don’t really make any sense in mm, either.


Markey globalization…
These come from Mars, where they use their own units…

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Ordering some PCBs from JLCPCB including a little 17 x 19 mm daughterboard. That’s under the 100 x 100 mm limit so there’s the special price, $4 for 5. But I thought I’d get 10 instead, and there’s a special price for that quantity too, $5 for 10.

Screenshot from 2022-01-30 09-07-03

But then I thought maybe I’d get 15 instead, is there a special price for 15? No there is not. At that quantity they sock you with their $4 “Engineering fee” on top of the cost for 15 boards which is… $0.40?

Screenshot from 2022-01-30 09-07-53


Come on, Linux Mint. Seriously?

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What happens if you run git --version?
In the Ubuntu graphical software manager sometimes they just don’t update the version number.
Not that I use the GUI for installing packages that much, I prefer to see what’s going on when using apt via the command line.


It was 2.25. I’ve added the PPA shown on the Git webpage and am now using 2.36.


Do all the YuSynth PCBs have the wrong Eurorack power header footprint, or just the Comparators?

(The rows are too far apart.)

I mean, I know Usson doesn’t build Eurorack. Still, it’s remarkable it went into production this way, and hasn’t been corrected.



this is both brilliant and awful simultaneously - maybe “cursed” is the right word