What to do with a CD4026BE chip?

I bought a chip from an Ebay seller a while back for one of Sam’s projects (the Twin T maybe?) The seller initially sent me a CD4026BE chip, which was wrong. He told me to just keep it instead of returning it. That is great and all except that I have no clue what could be created with this chip.

My question is what would you do with this chip? What can be done with this chip?

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You can do a sequencer, a clock/frequency divider, and even if you clock it at audio rate you can do a wavetable oscillator =)
There are many things to do with this chip


As I understand it, it’s kind of like a CD4017 but instead of 10 output pins that turn on sequentially as you clock it, it has 7 output pins intended for driving a 7 segment display. So what you get is a sequence of 10 distinct 7-bit patterns.


Funky gate sequencer with 7 fixed-pattern outputs maybe? It’d have to be a 10-step sequencer unless you use external circuitry to send a reset every 8 (or whatever) steps. On the plus side you could easily have a display showing the step number.


It’s a 7 segment LED display driver chip. Loads of fun to be had with those. Just do a google search for circuits containing that chip.

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