What a dingus! - CD4024BE

So I may have ordered a couple too many CD4024 ICs.
I have 25 of them and only have use for a couple.
If anyone wants any let me know, happy to send if you cover the postage.


What are you building with them?

To be honest I can’t remember. I’d seen a schematic somewhere on here that required one. Its a 7 bit binary counter IC.

Edit, Most likely some sort of clock divider

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7-stage ripple-carry binary counter/divider. PDIP packaging.

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There’s also one in Ray Wilson’s Noise Cornucopia, in the section that generates random gates, and it’s kind of central to Michael Barton’s Wave Shaper.

Also, if you’d just ordered 3 more, you could use them to count to a googol.

But you probably have time to buy those last 3 before they’re needed.


With a CD4024 i made this Clock Divider



LOL I have more than a few of those kinds of items . came across something cool had a great idea and when the parts show up have no idea what they are for , lost in a folder somewhere …


Its insane, my partner is not a happy bunny at the moment. I got the modular flu just before Christmas and almost every day since there has been a delivery of some components or other :rofl:

I got rid of all my electronics stuff (donated to the local school) when I moved out of my parents house.
Now at the moment I just have a box with components in.
I need to find some good wall mounted storage drawers.


@Dud - I think this is probably the one I found!

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yeah I get that to . packages arriving all the time , even though the cost of most is relatively low it still seems like I am spending more than I am or maybe I am . haven’t really added up the expenses from the past year or so that I have been into this . kind of afraid to lol .


Now I’ve got all the basics (couple of multi packs of resistors, transistors, caps, ICs, sockets etc… I’ve just been topping up when I get low of values.

For some reason I hadn’t, until yesterday, ordered any diodes :rofl:


Just one question from me…dingus?

In a past life in robotics we’d often stack many chips and transistors to counter their limitations to current etc. It may be worth trying out some stacks in a synth DIY capacity.
Blue smoke’s on me (and @GhostBassist)

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yes please very useful to me, what would be the postage?

Drop me a PM and we can work it out

Ha! ive loved reading through this =)
I havent added up all my synth orders yet, but i feel its still under a grand. but i am still new to this too and havent built my case (so i dont have those ‘empty spaces’ to fill) im sure it will change =P
I was the same when it came to FPV quads. all the cameras and carbon soon adds up =D

Thankfully my gf is the same and gets orders of crafty things she cant remember what she wanted for =D

Edit: I also only really clicked for dingus. i love that word, and dangus.


My Partner says I don’t have hobbies, I get addictions​:roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes:


Ive come up with a term for us ‘Fleeting Hobbyist’

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State approved addicionists!

One of us! !

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Found what I needed the 4024 for :rofl: it was indeed a clock divider


yes it seem to be a layout stripboard of the schematic i’ve posted