Voltage controlled LFO

Hi Sam , lmnc, I was interested in the stripboard layout for the vclfo

But you haven’t pointed on the stripboard layout where to connect the 7 jack sockets.

Any help would be greatful.

hello klocwerx! how’s it going? the strip board version is a simplified version the idea is to make it much simpler to build on stripboard. so it misses out the cv inputs (as that adds mixing aspects to the circuit) and also the inverted outputs (which add more mixing opamps) so that design as it is only has output.

Is it possible to add the to the stripboard layout

it will make it dramatically more complex. which parameters would you like to see being available? maybe I can find a middle ground

I was thinking on the lines of CV and maybe sync. Being added to the existing stripboard layout.

Many thanks.

I think if you want the extra functionality, you should order the PCB. Unless you’re trying to fit it into Eurorack, of course.

Tbh , I’m planning a mu system. Big knobs , full size jack’s etc.

the schematic is up with all the functions on the page. I havent got to doing this yet. its quite a job. but ill try to not forget to make a stripboard but I can’t guaruntee