Shrunken down CEM3340 VCO Stripboard Layout

Hey guys,

After i accepted my fate and gave up working on my Hagiwo FM Module, I decided to build a second CEM3340, or in my case AS3340 VCO (I find analogue modules just so much easier to understand). But this time, I tried to edit Sam’s Stripboard Layout so that it fits better in my Eurorack style Synth case.
But I thought, I’d better first post a pic of the layout in here and when I come back from my vacation, I’ve had a wonderful and productive discussion with this loveley community <3
By the way, I also found another awesomely edited version of this Layout, that inspired me:) This is the second one, I wrote my name on my version.

Greetings from Germany,


Please read:


Thanks for reminding! I’ll fix that.


Is this verified? Im rebuilding my kosmo to eurorack, this looks like a nice size

Yes, it is. Works like a charm.

Looks like a nice one, I’ve been wanting to build another 3340 to add a bit more beef to my sound.
Gonna build this layout and if I like it, do the same to the first one I made =D


I‘m a little Bit confused about the 470 k resistor from as3340 pin 5 to pin 7 on the Opamp. Sometimes it is 470 ohms and somtimes it is 470k. Wich one is correct?

In the image above which comes from the LMNC website it’s 470k. I don’t know where anyone has shown 470R. But… I don’t think it matters, and I think it could just be a wire. It’s a voltage output (from the op amp) into a high impedance input (on the AS3340), essentially no current flows and I don’t believe the resistor actually does anything.

Just to confuse the issue more, in the 1222 Performance VCO these two pins are connected by a wire, but there’s a 4.7k resistor between them and ground, for no reason I can think of.

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