The Pets Thread

There have been mentions of pets here and there. @Bitnik’s greyhound Neve being a prime example as well as @Maxhirez worrying that his stairs wouldn’t hold up to his Portuguese Mastiff. And who could have missed @popflier’s profile pic and @devicex has mentioned cats as well. And of course @lookmumnocomputer has Luna. So, hoping y’all will chime in, here is our dog Snuggles, seven-year-old Mastiff/Rottweiler mix (only three years old in this picture):

And a few more recent pictures:

In December my daughter acquired an emotional support coon hound mix and named her Birdie:

We have snakes and lizards in the house as well, but I personally mostly just care about the dogs. So, what are your pets?


For Neve fans, here’s a couple of pictures I just took while she was sprawled out on the bed next to me. She’s now rolled over on me and her hind paws are digging into my elbow as I write this. I’ll probably roll her back over to get enough space to sleep myself.


Oh, yeah, getting Snuggles to move or keeping her out of the bedroom and bed are two things I gave up on long ago :grinning:


I love greyhounds. Such sweet sweet dogs! She’s beautiful!


Yeah, greyhounds are awesome! I’ve been lucky enough to know five of them from different circumstances and they are all some of my absolute favorite dogs.


When i find him I will get a pic of the Cat “Tumbler”

Stupid = Yes
Defects = Screw loose, Broken Tail, Missing half his teeth, damage tong where he spilt it, wonky walk from dislocated pelvis when he got trapped and knocked out by a discarded radiator…
Loves = Everyone, Humans, Cats, Dogs, and can’t bloody hunt to save his life.
Loved by = Most small local dogs, the big ones are scared of him. Everyone that walks up and down the street. ( he’s a very friendly cat)
Worst trait = Waking me up at 6am to be fed, whilst he may think pawing me is gentle, he also has issues with claw retraction…

He was a rescue cat and for some reason had been returned to the rescue home something to do with the new owner not liking him (HOW???) Had him 10 years, longest a cat has survived and he gets a lot of misshandling from the kids.

Would love a Border Collie ( Local Breed ) but we don’t have the sapce…


You’ve painted such a mental image that I can’t wait to see the real one! I grew up with cats, but we tried bringing one into the family for a few hours when I found an abandoned kitten in the middle of the woods once, and it didn’t go well once he was in the house, which was strange because I was walking Galileo at the time and he knew I picked it up and was carrying it. “Berlioz” as it came to be known now lives with my sister.

These are Galileo and Gertrude. Gertie, the little one, is the boss of course.


Here’s Timal

his father Buzz


and the youngest found one day old in the forest
baby bottle every two hours for the first month then a little more apart little by little, a great adventure to be a cat mom !!! but now he’s almost a year old and well



You have enough tiger stripes that this is definitely a pride, @Dud! This thread was a great idea, @ChristianBloch. Nothing humanizes a community like its animals.



G.U.I. (Pronounced Gooey or Goo-E)


Mr. Gator Stupid Head (Gator)



Lucy and Ratilda


My wife had a lovely little cat called Phoebe, she was just given her one day. Came into the house on a friends shoulder and stayed. One of Phoebes pass times was to keep an eye on the birdies outside the window… which she’s doing in this photo.

My pets are 2 tarantula, one a rose knee, the other a curly hair.

The rose knee spider is called Incie, the curly haired one is called Wincie. Wincie hides a lot, so it’s difficult to get a good photo. Incie I’ve had over 10 years, and hope to have her for another 10 at least.


I’ve had cats virtually all my life. At the moment just the one, her playmates sadly succumbed to old age (Clarissa) and the ravages of having been a stray active tom (Sparky).

This ridiculous idiot is Daisy. She’s 9½ years old and we’ve had her from a kitten. She’s a nightmare who has learnt that she can annoy us into doing her bidding, and yet we love her.

Most nights she sleeps like this…


That’s so sweet that she sleeps on her back, cats are sweet little beings… that is until they get to know you and your weaknesses. Heh… Our cat Phoebe would prod my wife in her bladder in the morning sometimes to get fed. How do they know this stuff?!


They’re evil geniuses!


The claw has spoken!


Snuggles is concerned:

Not too much, though:



Rats get a bad rap, they are so cool though…

Our cat will search for me at breakfast and make me aware he would apreciate being fead. lunch, tea and supper is not much different excrept I am usualy not trying to sleep.


Yeah I’ve kept almost all the “pet” rodents at some point in my life rats are definitely the most friendly and intelligent. Also they constantly clean themselves, don’t get stinky like guinea pigs or others