The BST Thread (Buy, Sell, Trade)

Hey, I also have some KOSMO format pcb sets to sell/trade:
Preferably Europe (Germany), because shipping :wink:
2x Roundhouse (befaco kickall clone, accent not yet working/checked) 13€
2x DCO (modified Hagiwo Arduino nano mozzi setup, I currently use it for chords) 12€
1x routing mixer 8€ (6 channel mixer with switches to output channel to output A or B (or mute)
1x Hihat (outputs switched, easy fix) 10€
2x midi2gate 10€
2x Turing machine 15€
1x Turing machine volts expander 10€
1x Turing machine pulses expander 10€
1x Lattice (MI Grids clone) 16€
1x Precision adder (like Doepfer A185-2) 12€
1x Triple Sample&Hold based on Rene Schmitz, but modified for lower droop rates 10€


Look what I found on Etsy:


Voltage Processor boards and panels now up

(and some previous modules still available, have a look)


I have four three extra boards and panels (unassembled) for my version of Halting Problem (Kosmo Turing Machine clone), and also four three extras each for my versions of two expansion modules:

Not putting these on Tindie, but if you are interested in one or some or all give me a DM. $10 for the main module and $5 for each expansion sound good? Or trade for some other Kosmo stuff? Or, I dunno, you tell me. DM me. Payment via PayPal. Postage (to US) extra.


New PCBs/panels on Tindie:

Very limited numbers of each as usual!


And some more new ones:

Added because Discourse is a nannying idiot

Down to the last one! DM me if you want it. SOLD

Also, on Tindie, sold out of Infrared Input and Mikrokosmos II. And Dual Rectifier and Comparators panels are on clearance for $1 each.

Also more people should sell modules and stuff so Discourse doesn’t yell at me for too many consecutive posts.


Anyone in the states interested in any of @analogoutput’s PCBs that are no longer available on tindie? I was going to put in an order for some Hero/Sidekick PCB’s I’ve had in my cart for a while, but would be glad to order some other modules if anyone wanted to tag along closer to a group buy. Probably put in an order in the next week or two, let me know if there’s anything on kosmomodular that you’d be interested in.


I’m selling a batch of 100k pots and jacks if anyone is interested because I haven’t got the time I originally had to make modules.

For sale or trade:

1 MFOS LFO PCB and panel (only, no components). Eurorack format, SMD construction. Aluminum panel. I bought this long ago but never did anything with it, and I’m not building Eurorack any more, so it should go to someone who can use it.

First reasonable offer at or above cost of postage (or equivalent value in acceptable trade) takes it! Shipping from USA — which means shipping overseas is probably more expensive than you think.

I have a few extra boards and panels for the Kosmo version of the Kassutronics Slope. HMU if interested. Some reasonable $ or trade for the boards plus postage. I’m in the US, shipping overseas would probably cost more than it’s worth.


Ive got a few of my design of Otem Relliks TeensyDrumV2 up on tindie.
Got a couple issues on the board but they do work.
1, the -12v Ecap silk is backwards
2, the hole for the Shift button is bigger than it should be
3, the L7805 footprint is 2 times the size it needs to be, but the legs bend easy enough.

Willow2x on Tindie

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I’m giving away all my spare boards. PM me and I’ll stick these in the post to you. UK only.

For whatever reason the Tindie admin has still not approved my listing so I’m forging ahead on my own:

New PCBs/panels now up for sale on my website, just a few of each:

(And some previous stuff still available listed there too.)

Sales to US residents only — sorry, but it’s just too much hassle otherwise!


I realize I’m replying way late, but wondering if you’d still be interested in this. In particular, the envelope follower.

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Sure, anyone else in the US interested in coordinated PCB purchases at cost? Was thinking of an order for audio mixer/attenuverts at some point in the future. Envelope follower sounds like a good addition as well. I’ve also got 2 heroes and a few sidekicks and a few AND modules if anyone is interested.


You can sign me up for an audiomixer, a hero, and a sidekick on top of the envelope follower.

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I might be interested in an envelope follower


@tony_ravioli, @zorch. Envelope followers and audio mixers are under production and should be on their way soon.

Others: I have a few AND modules, one Hero, and a few extra sidekicks (all black faceplates) available if anyone is interested. On the way will likely be an extra audio mixer and two envelope followers. Also glad to coordinate future orders for modules I don’t currently have “in the queue,” particularly if you’re in the US.


Still have some of the Kosmo stuff available (Add Noise Drum sold out), and I’ve added a couple Eurorack things that need a good home:

  • MFOS VCLFO PCB and panel $10 FREE shipping
  • Kassutronics Slope PCB set $6 FREE shipping

Only one of each available!


I’ve got a few extra pcb and panel sets left over from personal projects that I’d like to offer for trade.

Here’s what I have right now:

  • Dave - Rain Noise - PCB and Panel (x3)
    I hade white panels made for these rather than black, even though the rest of my Kosmo modules have black panels. It just made sense to me at the time, so :man_shrugging:

  • Analog Output - Yash - PCB and Panel (x1)
    I had these made with black backgrounds rather than white ones (I know, I know). I also have extra 398 and 4093 ICs that I can send along, as well (if you need them).

  • Erica Synths - Polivox Envelope Generator - PCB and Panel (x1)
    Unlike a lot of the modules in this series, it doesn’t require any special op amps, just a TLO074. I forgot to have the order number removed from the front panel when I ordered these, though.

  • NickJ - Buffered Mult - PCB (x1)
    No panel with this one, so you’ll have to break out your drill :slight_smile: It’s based on a Barton Musical Circuits design. The only real downside I can see to this one is that it doesn’t have any reverse power protection, but it should be fine with a shrouded header.

I’m in Canada, but I’m happy to trade any location, really.